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Hour 11 Audio - Biometrics of the Month - Dreaming of a Dead Christmas

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Campfire Radio Theater and to show our gratitude for a decade of immersive listening experiences, we'd like to release our first-ever monthly feature with John Ballentine, the man behind Campfire Radio Theatre. John is a familiar voice in the world of audio drama horror. Like many of us, his passion for audio fiction was fueled by stories coming out of his radio. John recalls listening to shows like Nightfall and Bradbury 13 and spotting a creative blunder to try something similar. Integration with various other artistic activities. Combining these skills to produce a radio play proved to be a natural progression. "- John Ballentine It's that time of the year for nostalgia. Eggnog and cookies, cards and hash browns, Christmas logs, parades and zombie time. Yes, zombies. What more can you expect from us? This December, we're getting in the holiday spirit with a special Christmas show by Friends at the Campfire Radio Theater So, as John said... "Welcome friends. Sit by the fire... make yourself comfortable. "Dream of a Dead Christmas" Two college girls come home for the holidays and accidentally trigger a zombie outbreak at a rest area after hitting a mysterious man on a deserted country road. Warning: May contain footage relevant to minors Not suitable for viewers Content: Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine Tanya Milojevic Shelby SesslerJohn BallentineTeresa BallentineBlaine Hicklin Joe Stofko Music by Kevin Macleod and Michael Hoffman Songs from The Experiments, Reigning Sound, The Ravonettes, Out of Orion and Dott



Matthew McLean of the 11th Hour in Scotland. A small group of people wake up on an alien spaceship. Actors Jenny - Rosemary Stanford Claire - Bee Parkinson Paul - Colin Gray Martin - Robert Cudmoret - Kate O'Connor Written and Produced by Matthew McLean


living canvas

Welcome back to the studio. This is the living canvas. Today we have a very special treat: we are going to create a painting that will open up a whole new world for you. Written and Performed by Owen McQueen Content Warning: Self Harm


The 11th hour is here!

join us. Saturday October 30th start your fears!


Call in horror movies!

Join this year's 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Bring the script or join other talented audio creators to create horror for the October season! Info: https://www.11thhouraudio.com/are-you-ready-to-make-some-horror Register: https://www.11thhouraudio.com/register


Rolle (Zombie's Lament)

Today is the birthday of Monique Boudreau, founder of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. To celebrate we have a selection of brains...a delightful selection of brains...the freshest brains...Happy Birthday dear! Host Matthew Boudreau played by Owen McQueen Music and lyrics arranged and performed by Javert and Matthew Boudreau Many thanks to Avi Ziv and Owen McCuen for their help with this project.


Executive Vice President - Seite B

Written and Produced by Owen McCuen Features: Glenn Mercer, Janine Gilbert, Agnes McCuen, Eloise McCuen and Brian Holcomb Voiced by Miss Mae's Timekeeper (11th Hour Audio Challenge 2018).



Writer: Faith McQuinn Story Concept Writer: Tanja Milojevic Cast: Robert: James David West Matthew Boudreau Sound Design Tanja Milojevic Sound Design Direction and Dialogue Editing Music: Ian Kelosky's Dystopia, Cody Martin's Tesseract in Platform Speak up for free. This is the 11 hour demo. Copyright 2022 Happy Halloween!


Executive Vice President - Seite A

Written and Produced by Owen McCuen Features: Glenn Mercer, Janine Gilbert, Agnes McCuen, Eloise McCuen and Brian Holcomb Voiced by Miss Mae's Timekeeper (11th Hour Audio Challenge 2018).


11th Hour Horror - Creature Feature of the Month - Swamp

Swamp takes us on a terrifying journey with Rachel, a college student whose waking world merges with the dark terrors of her nightmares as a new boy with an old soul enters her life.


Hour 11 Bio Feature of the Month - Jesus Rejected

February brings us Valentine's Day, a holiday associated with love. Valentine's Day was established by Pope Gracius I in 496 to commemorate the martyr priest who performed marriages for Christian couples. According to legend, on February 14, the day of his execution, he wrote a note to the daughter of a judge whose blindness he had cured, reading "From your Valentine." Today, the remains of Saint Valentine attract pilgrims in search of true love. This month, in celebration of divine love, we bring you Jesus Rejected. A skit that reminds us what our hearts want, for whatever reason. Vanessa (Christian Greert) is tempted by Satan (Mike Rajopa) to take Jesus (Cayenne Chris Conroy) into her heart. May contain objectionable material. Writer - Michelle Entler Director Samantha Mason Music - Purple Blues Amy K. Bolmett Sound Design Mike De Almeida Theme music and Matthew J. Boudreau Artwork editing Monique Boudreau


11th Hour Biometrics of the Month – Seasons of Change

January is the sacred month of Janus, the Roman god of all beginnings, endings, swells and times. He presides over the beginning of each new year and symbolizes the duality of change. Janus shows the past and the future with two faces and he dwells in the transition between young and old, war and peace and life and death. This January we bring you Story Cornucopia Radio, written by Gareth Brownbill and directed/produced by Peter Beeston. A Season of Changes tells the story of four people whose past unhappiness and future hopes are woven together by thin walls of separation and ghostly wails. James sits alone in his apartment, terrified of what lurks outside. As the machine rhythmically measured her heartbeat, Margaret calmly considered how much time she had left. Kathy begins to worry about what she's lost while Jane tries to come to terms with what she now has to tick off. Peter Beetson and Hanna Lloyd are the participants of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2022. Check out their Hell Stream posts - like, comment and kill! it is here. It was a season of change for the four as the light bulb flickered briefly, then the filament snapped at its weakest point and everyone was plunged into darkness. We know this is temporary and the light will return soon... but can we really be sure? Cast: Ian J. France as JamesMaggie Evans as MargaretJanice Whitworth as KathyHannah Lloyd as Jane Music: This production remixes Scott Buckley's Creative Commons track to create the score. Acknowledgments: Written by Gareth Brownbill Directed and Edited by Peter Beeston Audio via: www.freesound.org This podcast is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License


Sleepy Hollow Tour von Ichabod Crane

Greetings, listeners! The next story is a little... different: it begins with a work of art. Artist and illustrator Vince Dorse has designed a poster that follows a narrative timeline. To showcase the poster, Vince created a video that details his artistic process and includes an abridged narrative version of the story that guides viewers through stunning visuals. Why are we sharing it here? Well, the story is a classic American horror film - we're sure you'll recognize it. The narration and sound are truly designed by you with the help of the Uber Duo Horsin' Around sound pack. If you would like your own poster, there is a link to the video and Vince's Store in the show's description. Now buckle your coats to brave the cold and join us in the quaint town of Sleepy Hollow. sleepy - Hollow Tales Poster - 18 - x24


11th Hour Biometrics of the Month - Hidden Truth 2

Welcome to December everyone. December 11th is National Friendship Day in the US, and we wanted to take a moment to honor all of the friends we've made through the 11th Hour Audio Challenge over the years. The original concept for the 11 Hour Audio Challenge was simple. Meet people you've never worked with before, create an original horror story, and get it done in a month. The first show we did, Intensive Care, brought together two different production teams. The second, Vultures Over Low Doves, brings two different countries together. Long before the written word, people came together to tell stories. Some of the earliest evidence dates back 30,000 years. Paintings from the Lascaux and Chavaux caves in France depict visual stories and compassionate magic in the form of animals, humans and wondrous creatures. Storytelling is part of what makes us human. This practice lives at the intersection of identity and community and thrives on ideas evoked by diversity and struggle. Ideas are the fuel that nourishes us, creativity, progress and relationships. In stories we share ideas and defend ourselves against what lurks behind the campfire. So, in honor of National Friends Day, we invite you to grab a chair and listen to a story. Because the worst enemy of community, creativity and ideas is censorship. Before we start our stories, we want our friends to know that we started Patreon. 11th Hour Audio plans to bring you more shows than just October. We worked with our friends on the script, the casting and the budget. To learn more and offer your support, visit us at https://www.patreon.com/11thHourAudio. The Hidden Truths 2 by Tom Rory Parsons. This is a story about identity, belonging and the horrific abuse of power. Josh continues on his life's journey, only to encounter a new supernatural threat that forces his family and friends to tackle the problem again. I hope you like it. Hear The Hidden Truths by Tom Rory Parsons You can hear more of Tom's work in: Radcliffe Square Maze, Basement and High Earl Hall Shaun Mendum as Josh Sarah Golding Mary Sarah also appears in: Monster's Game and The Parsonage Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis Listen to Fiona in: Upstairs Upstairs, Customs, and Monster's GameKarim Kronfli as Uncle Jim Catch Karim in: Ivory Towers, Reminisce With Me and FidgetLauren Regan as JennyErika Sanderson as Miss Snell Erica also appears in: BreathlessShaun Mendum as JimmyMartin Gallagher as Robert Artwork edited by Faith McQuinnMusic sound design by Tom Rory Parsons


Hour 11 Creature Feature of the Month - Ruins

“It was the dreadful time of autumn, and the wild men of the mountains were preparing dreadful ceremonies that were only rumored in the towns. They were very old men who lived in the high mountains and spoke clipped words that the Vasconi could not understand. Language. … Every spring and autumn they hold their notorious ceremonies on the peaks, and their howls and altar fires bring terror to the villages. Always the same - Eve of Maeus and November. The night before. Just before those nights, the townsfolk will disappear and never be heard from again.” —H.P. Lovecraft The Very Old Folk November 3, 1927 H.P. Lovecraft sent a letter to Donald Vander Ray, the letter includes the story "Fellow Country." The Very Old Folk is a story inspired by cross-cultural commemorations of All Souls' Day, All Saints' Day and the Day of the Dead. These ceremonies and Ancestral Day are celebrated on the first day of November. Lovecraft's fevered dreams he wrote about, and those dreams influence many other writers and podcasters who cautiously toss their pens into the insane Lovecraftian world. This month's 11th Hour Bio Special brings you a tale from the stormy shores of St. Celtic's Island. In Ruins is a podcast from Scotland. The Scottish podcast tells the story of Lee, a scrapped ex-radio DJ who, with the reluctant help of his friend Dougie, starts a podcast investigating paranormal phenomena. The pair travel across Scotland in search of medieval demon kings and Lovecraftian sea gods. Lead Actor Lee - Robert Cudmore Hear more about Robert in: Mania and the Cargo Doug - Matthew McLean Matthew also appears in: Dead Jane's DAW - Fiona ThailleFiona also appears in Found in: Breathless, The Hidden Truths and CustomsTommy - Michael Hudson See Michael George in Castle of Horror - Jim BalfourBruce - Karim Kronfli You can find Karim in: The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth, Ivory Towers and A Little Bedtime GoryByers - David AultListen to David in Ancient Evil Danielle - Rosemary Stanford Rosemary also appears in CargoBob - Kevin Parr Drunk Helen - Sarah Golding Catch Sarah in: Vicarage, Wolperting Gus and Fidget Randy - Ricky Matheson Gina - Tanjami Luojevic Tania also appeared in: The Hunt, Golden Reins and In the House Dead Johnny - David Devereux in The Witchwood Catch David Cheryl in the Licht - Rebecca Winters Alice - Katie McNulty Zara - Nicole Goodnight Ollie - Austin Beach Austin is also in: Moonshot and Return, Bunker 11 and Martyrs Protocol cover and website art - Kathy Liniki


City of Statues

There is a city nicknamed "The City of Statues". Not surprisingly, there are many statues around the city. But they're no ordinary statues, and the way they're placed doesn't make sense. They are everywhere: in the middle of the street, in the middle of the sidewalk, in buildings, in rooms and in closets. Often they look like they are chasing something. In daylight and light they're just statues, but as soon as night falls they spring back to life and hunt down any creature, infecting you with just a touch. The story follows a group of 5 survivors trying to escape the dark night city while trying to avoid statues and stay alive. Content Warning: Life-threatening situations, loud noises and screams, contagious diseases, guns and gunfire, harsh language, discussions of on-screen character deaths and deaths. Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18khYwhJhIfLYxSjnbSHRVMAn7r1K-vzjjYXQYTCpZCU/edit?usp=sharing - Credits: Ali Hylton for writing, directing and composing Nic Fray for script editing and transcription Kai C. Environmental Dialog Editor Trace Callahan Sound Design by Rebecca Liu Motion Sound Design by Soundly and AdobeCast Sounds: Allegra Rodriguez Shivers as Adrian Andrew Sianez-De La O as Felix Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall as Everett Ari Delyne as Jordan ItMe as Ollie


11th Hour Biometrics of the Month - Ancient Demons

When an ancient Xipe curse is unleashed in a university archeology lab, overworked graduate student Ryan and his inattentive mentor must contain it to prevent a campus apocalypse.


11th Hour Creature Feature des Monats – Calling Darkness – „Women in Wallpapers“

Calling Darkness What happens when six women accidentally summon a demon from the depths of hell? Call to Darkness is a horror comedy audio series from NoSleep podcast creators S.H. Cooper and Gemma Cupid. Cower in fear as our guest-star narrator, Kate Siegel, takes you on a tour of Crowe House. You will shake your head as you listen to the terrifying and exciting adventures that unfold within the walls. Say hello to our brave girls, a special book, a demon and other curiosities. Voice talent with audio and podcasts from around the world, fully immersive sound, and a script to die for - literally - you're listening to Calling Darkness. Season 1 Episode 5 - "Women In The Wallpaper" which has Annabelle trapped, Sexy Priest doing absolutely nothing "priestly" and showing Cassie her vile left hook. Written by S.H. Cooper Performed By: Kate Siegel as Narrator Cooper as Brigitte Milson Gemma Armor as Gloria Smith as Alison Brandt Cassie WatersVictoria JuanMarilla WilliamsDaysDemona HowardAnnabella CroweCharlotte NowupNadia OlsenDan Zapp La as Phineas Dawes Owen McCune as Father Montgomery Erin B. Lilith as Mrs. Morewood David Cummings as Mr Morewood Matthew Bradford as Pizzaboy Gray Um Lovat as our demon overlord Lialga (and the voice of George) Kristina Manente and Holly Ritchie Audio Design and Production Brandon Boone's theme song Amy Balcomb's soundtrack Desdymona Howard's interlude artwork Executive Producers: David Cummings and Alex Aldea Community Managers : Brooks Bigley Loves the Call of the Dark Podcast fans on the Facebook page for more details. Join the Calling Darkness Podcast Coven fan group on Facebook and hang out with the girls! Follow Calling Darkness on Twitter for the latest demon chat.


Stunde 11 des Monats Biometrics - The Kiss: Audio Series - Tomorrow's Diary (My First)

It's February, in the middle of the Atlantic, which means oh baby it's cold outside! For this month's feature, we thought we could heat things up a bit with -Kiss: A Product from the Audio Series. "Some people think that a kiss is one of the closest bonds two people can share, but when it comes to the lipstick serial killer in Washington, D.C. goes, just a kiss can easily equal death. The proverbial 'kiss of death'; charismatic "Kiss of Death", a clueless man with only one goal in mind: to kill! "Kiss of Death" seals every murder with a sinful kiss on the forehead and plans to destroy everyone in their path for as long as possible. "Kiss: The Audio Series" from 11th Hour Audio Challenge entrant Xperience J. Created Santa Babies for 12th Night Horror and starred in Chilean Highway. Xperience J, aka Crystal Judkins, from Alexandria, Virginia, describes himself as a multi-hyphenated creative, and we agree. Part of a musically gifted and artistic family, she was destined to lead a creative life. Crystal wrote her first novel in 10th grade and has since published three books. She is co-founder of Two Pens and a Grind Publications, Black Audio Dramas Exist and Founder of Shhh!. Listen Media's Jus uses their love of sound to create innovative audio experiences. She is an audio producer, director, voice actress and sound designer. In addition to Kiss: The Audio, she also produced and is in pre-production for her next audio project, Past Due. When asked the inquiring and intellectual "Why is it scary?" Crystal explained that she grew up with horror. Even though it's cheesy, it's a natural transition for me. I love the psychology behind horror, especially psychological thrillers...it's a high. "Whatever her reasons, we're thrilled that she's here to bring her voice and talents to the genre. Crystal weaves dark threads of sex, violence and power into an immersive sense of guilt." Series Creator: Xperience J and WAREepisode Writer: Xperience J Production/Sound Design: Xperience J Cast: Melanie E. RedmondKhyriel PalmerMariah TarlayRaffoulicket Music: Christian AndersonBonnie GraceAswan JohnsonLimxcrxwnNature's SymphonyTimothy Infinite


Terror of the Twelfth Night

Join us around the fire to pour a final glass of Yellow Sails, slice into a king cake and close the season with four tinsel-wrapped stories to complete your holiday. Christmas prison nights alone in the store with a job you hate can go wrong? Tom Rory Parsons Christmas Prison Chris Quimby as Noah Austin Mosher as Elf Sarah Golding as Judy Owen McCune as Cop Mixitpixit Read by Karim Kronfli Thanks for listening! Evil Elf (Sinister Christmas Short) was written and performed by Joel M. Andre. Music (used with permission) by Sam Haynes. Title: Christmas Evil (Ambient). Album: The Gift of Christmas Fear .Yule Lad Author: Owen McCuen Artists: Owen McCuen and Agnes McCuen Sound effects by Owen McCuen, Freesound.org and Sonniss.Music: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, A Christmas Carol and Jingle Bells Owen Buy One royalty-free version of Santa's Workshop Gathered in GarageBand. Baby Santa is already looking a lot like Christmas, but not everyone is feeling so festive. Instead of spreading Christmas cheer, Santa's serial killer sends everyone into hysteria. They include Maya, who already has a demanding job, an emotionally insatiable husband, and a needy lover who begs her to start a new life together. now that? Content Warning: Contains explicit language and depictions of sexual activity. For adult audience only. This is boo! Jus' Listen Media Production Written and Directed by Xperience J Story by Xperience J, Sound Design and Mixing by Xperience J, Original Music by Stephs_Music, Thomas Baglio and Epidemic Sound Starring Christina Kane as Maya Rodney Martin as Jay Gary Scales as DevinOmni Helix as Mall SantaKris Lark as Journalist Mr. Sean B. Donaldson / Company SantaDerrell D. Johnson as Mr. Donaldson / Company SantaRhumel Anderson as Mom Johnson Omar Herring as Dad Johnson


Hellstream - Likes, Comments and Kills

Humanity is under attack. Monsters born from the darkest depths stalk the shabby streets day and night, killing and devouring anything they find. The few survivors live deep underground. But there is hope. There's entertainment here... because every night, a select group of heroes from around the world descend on Earth in a giant elevator. Fight the horde. To defeat the demon. Broadcast live to millions of bunker monitors around the world. This is hell! ! Written, Directed and Edited by Peter Biston Voice: Kelsey Paynter as Irene the Fox, Owen McQueen as Voice of Hell, Andrew Biss as Demon Overlord, Katabel Ansar Kali, Tanja Milojevic as Faye, Karim C. Kronfli as Simon, Hannah Lloyd as Beth Justine , Leah Hince as Kylie, Dean T Moody as The Advert, Heidi Fischer as Mia, (Faye Fan Girl 2044) Additional Production Assistants: Javert Boudreau, Spleny Dotson, Peter Richard Adams, Pip Mason, Matthew Boudreau, Michael Hayter. The opening and closing tracks used in this production are "Attack The Block" from "Hey Pluto!" podcast character art from Liquid GTX's "Erin The Fox". This work is released under a Creative Commons license between 11th Hour Audio and Cornucopia Radio. Thanks for listening. We all hope you really enjoy this production, it was fun making it. We took inspiration from useless horror anime, Paul Verhoeven movies and "first person shooters" and put them together. We'd love to hear from you if you enjoyed it or if you'd like to take part in future radio play productions with us.


11th Hour Biometrics of the Month - Dead London

11th Hour Audio's Biography Special of the Month brings you "Dead London," the original audio adaptation by H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds by Wireless Theater Company.


2022 11th Hour Audio Challenge is approaching

Host Owen McCuen and Scream Queen Tanja Milojevic open this year's 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Hear how you can sign up and be a part of this year's spooky mayhem!


11 Hour Creature Feature of the Month - White Dome - Scatter

11th Hour Audio is excited to share The White Vault and its talented cast and crew with our listeners. To hear the chilling stories they created for the 11th Hour Challenge, visit www.11thhouraudio.com.


Biometrics for the 11th hour of the month - Windover and Hide

May is the most provocative month of the year. It started with a big fire in the Beltain, trees sprouting, flowers blooming and Mother's Day. In mid-month, a blood moon casts an eerie glow across the sky, similar to a total lunar eclipse. The rising of the Flower Moon towards the end of the month reminds us that growth comes from transformation. This is the transfiguration month of the mother and the moon. With that in mind, we're excited to bring you two stories this month, Windover and Hide.


to whom it May concern

A young woman receives a love letter from her crush, but soon realizes that they define love differently. **For Adults** Written and Produced by Glenn Mercer Performed by Janine Gilbert and Glenn Mercer Music by James Ilassie Ieraci) With Production Assistance by Owen McCuen


basic bites

Welcome to the Essential Bites collection, where you can use your teeth to improve! But all is not what it seems; Follow Luca, a not-so-young vampire, and his discovery of family and demons. Content Warning: Vampirism, cult-like mentality, and predatory business practices. Now it's real: death/murder. Written By: Mik Koats Director: Newton Shottelkotte Dialogue Editors: Newton Shottelkotte, Kathryn Stanley and Tamar Cimenian Sound Design: Kathryn Stanley Composer: Tamar Cimenian Transcribed by Nzingha Primus Luka played by Emmett Moon Cardi played by Tamar Cimenian Pixie played by Tal Minear Nevada Fae Mik Koats as Kerri Beth Kathryn Stanley as Cassandra Nzingha Primus as part of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. transcript of this episode



Eight years ago, Lance's father was murdered during a hunting expedition. Now he and his mother have caught the perpetrator and brought him to a remote island that has become the quarry of an elite group of hunters. Who is the hunter and who is the prey in a dangerous revenge game? Written by Matthew and Monique Boudreau Owen McCune as Eric Javitt Boudreau as Lance Sarah Fielding as Nadine Glenn Mercer Michael Matthew Boudreau as Rich Maya Chester Ziv as Bernadette Tania Milojevic as Helicopter Pilot John Boggi as Bernadette's Father Sound Effects Directed and Designed by Matthew Boudreau Original Score by Avi Ziv and Recording on Location Recorded on location in the historic village of Batso in the Pine Barrens, New Jersey. The Hunted is an 11 hour audio production


The Mystery and Tragedy of the Renfield Four

Aisling's thesis on Communications Broadcasting Radio is an audio documentary about the mysterious deaths of four students on campus ten years ago. It includes audio recordings of four victims up until their deaths. Starring Anna Stein as Aisling (Daniel Young) Lindsay Zana (Coley) as Anna Stein as Brett (Thomas) As Marnie Warner (ResaDana) as Resa Dialogue edited by Lindsay Zana Daniel Young Produced by Kai CTrscriptTranscription of ResaContent Music designed by Daniel Young Warnings: Death, Screaming, Sound Distortion and Noise, Fear, and Evidence of Blizzard Damage.


another bad night

Thank you for listening to Another Bad Night as part of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Directed by Adam Blanford, Vincent King and Adam Blanford's voice talent are: Abby Rose as Melody May Melissa Medina as Page Adam Blanford as Riley Kassandra Cherry as Gaynor Charlotte Norup as PhillipsRissa M. as AngelPersephone Rose as Seraphim #1 Sheila Morris (?) as Seraphim #2 Jesse Keeton as ZombieVincent King as ZombieVincent King as Lizard ManKaitlyn Kliman as Devil Girl Karin Heimdahl as MummyPaul Cotton as VampireBrian Anderson as ManiacSteve Schneider as Cowboy and Rufus Sound effects provided by Freesound.org Music by Kevin Macleod on incompetech.com. Another Bad Night, a collaboration between Breakaway Network, Postal Roach, Y2Kpodcast and Hail and Well Met. Have a safe Halloween and don't take wooden nickels or demon daggers with you. Thanks again for listening.



Episode Description for Hour 11 Audio, 2019 Title: The ParsonageTeam Name: 6630 Productions Following tragedy, Chris struggles to support his family. Neighbor Lee had his eye on acquiring the property. However, other creatures lived there first and will defend their lands tooth and nail. Chris is played by Owen McCuen. Lee is played by Sarah Golding. Music and sound design by Vincent Freer, written and directed by Lindsay Harris Freer


a bad night

Melody wakes up from a nightmare that's only getting worse. Written by Vincent King Script Editing by Tarran Merlo Director and Producer by Adam Blanford Music by Meghan Rose Scott Casting by Persephone Rose and Jali Redwyne Art by Bernie NyeCast Melody in order of appearance - Abby RoseMark Wolf - Stewart MoyerSkeleton #1 - Kuren KSkeleton #2 - Sarah McManusSkeleton #3 - Vincent FabbriWitch - Kaitlyn KlimanDracula - Paul CottonGoblin #1 - Gary ScalesGoblin #2 - Gwendolyn JensenFernod/Monkey - Persephone RoseFrankenstein - Carlos Ortega JrWayne The Rat - Sheila MorrisLadyVampire -Olot NoldwyneessJombiedy -Jali RedwyneessZombiedy orupT- Rex - Brian AndersonEvil Clown - Kuren KAxe Killer - Eric UmstottCowboy - Steven SchneiderAlien #1 - Adam BlanfordAlien #2 - Melissa SheldonDeath - Grant Patrizio11th Hour Productions with Hail & Well MetThrown Together Post Roach/Royal Prose Entertainment under the shroud


golden reins

After Foster does plumbing for Professor Shaposhnikov, he is plagued by nightmares. Who the hell is the professor and why doesn't Foster's best friend Danielle trust him? With Leslie McMurray, Pandora Beatrix as Foster, Kedar Tanja Milojevic as Danyel Buckley and Voicemail Lothar Tupan as Konstantin Professor Shaposhnikov Patricia Jefferson as Receptionist Joshua Price as Passersby 1 and 2 Leslie McMurtry as Podcast Host OneRod Henderson as Podcast Host People TwoDialogue Edited by Monique Boudreau and Joshua Price Produced/Mixed by Joshua Price Directed by Tanja Milojevic Music composed by Grace Mary Burega Sound Effects Collected by FreeSound, self-produced and extracted from the Mind Sound Library's LightningBolt Theater. Audio pronunciation of the actor recorded by Melissa Beattie


Gower Hall

The queen mother who died in a strange way. An ancient ritual has gone wrong. A headless horseman on the loose and a renegade elf intent on fulfilling a prophecy. Charlotte's tourism promotion plans in Gower are spiraling out of control and the night is just beginning. Charlotte...Megan Carter Cynthia...Tan Perry Jeffrey...Scott Cairns Willey...Clayton King Algie...Tony Mendes Arabella...Margaret Ashley Butler...K Rhys Jarvis Director...Kareem C. Crenfly Writer/Co-Producer...Richard H. Brooks Co-Producer .. .Chris Jarvis (Radio Theater Studios) Composer...Tom Parsons


hidden truth

Tom Rory Parsons Chris Quinby as Josh Sarah Golding as Mary Fiona Thraille as Mary Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis Karim Kronfli as Uncle Jim Pete Lutz as Mysterious Voice Parsons Editing and Sound Design by Danny SweetArt by Faith McQuinn Thanks for listening!


Martins Blick

A group of cats is called a clowder and sometimes a glaring. If you want to know what cats think when they stare at you, take a journey with this tale, based on a folk tale. A man lost in the forest meets a mysterious look, but he has a trick. Adapted from Old American Folk Tales Told by Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris-Friel: Ted Harris Directed by Lindsay Harris-Friel Sound Design by Vincent Friel 6630 Productions Visit our website for more cast and crew information.


11th Hour Audio Challenge 2021

Join your host, Owen McQueen, on a journey through nine horror stories that originated in October.



Hals breaks free from the shackles of retail and gets the sound system of his dreams. Now he'll hit back at anyone who doubted his audio genius, especially Kathy. He'll play hits from America's rarest, hottest bands on his podcast to evoke ancient vibes. It's an eye-opening listening experience. Hal Akers is played by Owen McCuen. Tarn Perly plays Kathy Sulivan. Cindy Holzer, sung by Jill Knapp. The 911 dispatcher is played by Vincent Friel. The Goat was created by Vincent Freer. Text by Lindsay Harris Freer. All other music was composed and performed by Vincent Freer. Written and produced by Lindsay Harris Friel and Vincent Friel, The Audiophile was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer In Darkness.


dead and undead

A man in search of freedom walks the fine line between the dead and the undead along Diablo Street. Written by Brian Holcomb Dialog Editing and Sound Design by Glenn Mercer Additional Sound Design, Mixing and Post Production by Owen McCuen Music by James Ieraci Romain Lehnhoff Cover Art Cast: John Boggi as Nikos Glenn Mercer as McCord Carlos Barrera as Calderon Owen McCuen as General Jeanne Gilbert as Marisol


cursed lake

England, late 1990s - He has been in love with Lucy for as long as he can remember and this may be the last time he tells her. But as he spoke to her at the lake, a shadow began to form on the other side of the lake. Is it a trick of the light, a ghost or something else? Something he has been waiting for for a long time. Written by Richard H. Brooks, Directed and Produced by Matthew Boudreau, Soundtrack by Dayn Leonardson, Jonny Glasgow) - Narrator Tarn Perly - Lucy Mark Maxwell - I


remember with me

Written and Directed by Rachel Pulliam A compassionate events specialist at a memory care center begins to worry that her favorite resident, a former children's book author, is beginning to behave strangely towards her but not towards her eccentric and mysterious new colleagues. Memories With Me is a collaboration with Bell's in the Batfry, Darker Projects, Dayton Writers Movement, Firewall Theatre, Narada Radio Company and Old Souls Audio. Actors include: Colette Feehan as Melinda Karim Kronfli as Eli Hannah Mauvis as Little Girl Delaney Brittingham as The Sister Erica Allseitz as Rose Margaret Ashley as Gabrielle Thea Solone as Standard Error Recording Pete Lutz as Emerson Campbell John Bell as Announcer Story: Rachel Pulliam Sound Effects Design and Mixing: MJ Cogburn Original Music: Katharine Seaton Additional Music: Kevin MacLeod and Story Blocks


Autobahn Chile

Written and directed by Faith McQuinn, it's 1970's Southern California. Pamela wants to go to a concert in Berkley and he agrees to take Janice, a mysterious woman who may have more secrets than Pamela. Fun Fact: "Highway Chile" is the title of a track on Jimi Hendrix's album War Heroes (1972) Highway Chile is a collaboration with Observer Pictures, Shhh Jus' Listen Media and A Mermaid-Lion Entertainment with the voice of Xperience Jay, PamelaAngel Sand as Janice, Christina Cain as Angie, Joshua Suhy as radio announcer Faith McQuinn Story, Xperience Jay and Angel SandSound designed by Joshua Suhy and mixed by Katherine Seaton original music


above above

After Flick discovers a Ouija board engraved on a family heirloom, she is determined to reclaim her lost legacy at any cost. Written and directed by Fiona Thraille Starring Emily Snyder as Flick Draco Aleksander as NeilSascha Cooper as Gemma Fiona Thraille as Donna Karim Kronfli as TomasEmmett Moon as MattandPete Lutz as the announcer Dialog editor is Gavin Byrne Sound design and production by Andrew Wardlaw Upstairs Upstairs was made for the 2020 11. hour crafting challenge.


in the basement

A couple went looking for an apartment and the husband found the perfect basement for a recording studio. Stupid voice actors. There he found an energy that resonated through time. you hear Written and directed by Owen McQueen. Original soundtrack composed by Tom Rory Parsons. Co-produced by Owen McCuen and Tom Rory Parsons. Cast: Rachel McCune plays the wife. Owen McQueen plays the husband. Rachel Pulliam plays the siblings on the stairs. Matthew Pulliam plays the siblings on the stairs. Agnes McCune as sister. Eloise McCuen plays the older sister. With the voice of Brian Holcomb, excerpt from The Timekeeper



How to play the elevator game: 1. A person enters the elevator. 2. Go to the fourth floor. 3. Go down to the second floor. 4. Go to the sixth floor. 5. Go back to the second floor. 6. Go to the tenth floor. 7. Go back to the fifth floor. A young lady could enter the elevator from here. Whatever she does, don't look at her or talk to her. 8. Press the first floor button. - When the elevator descends to the first floor, exit immediately. Don't look back and don't talk - when the elevator goes up, it goes to another world. Nobody will be on the tenth floor. Maybe the sky is getting darker with no power and there's a red cross in the distance... but what happens after you exit the elevator? Written by Chris Burnside Features: Lowri Ann Davies as Carys Hannah Preisinger as Agent Joe Ben Joe Bence as Guardian April Sumner as Elevator Initial dialogue edited by Rachel Pulliam Sound design by Fiona Thraille Music, Mixing and Extras by Katharine Seaton Editorial/SFX Artwork designed by Kessi RilinikiCustoms, a collaborative project with Dashing Onions, Dayton Writers Movement, Old Souls Audio and Wonky Salamander. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to an actual person, place or event is purely coincidental.


House of leaves and ashes

Two young girls stumble across a mysterious doll and puppet shop on their way home from school and befriend an older woman who may have sinister motives PutnamCharlotte Norup - Miss Martha Barbara Beach - Crossing GuardRegan Beach - Hailey


wait for the elevator

Written & Produced: Owen McCuen Cast: Jon Grilz, Steve Blizin, Owen McCuen Music: Steve Blizin Sound Effects: Owen McCuen, Freesound.org, Soniss Cover Design: Patrick McCuen Description: After a colorful haunted brawl, our stranded traveler awaits his journey and makes a few new acquaintances. Hope the driver shows up.


Light of the Witchwood

Two girls wake up at night in a Girl Guides camp. Everyone is gone, but they are not alone. Written by Richard Brooks Starring: Layla Katib as LilyBeth Crane as GeorgeMolly Beth Morossa as Daisy & Brown OwlSarah Golding and Holly Golding as Girl Guides11th Hour Audio Showcasing Their Collaboration: We Fix Space JunkLucyD The OrphansDefinitely HumanTin Can AudioDirector Maxamillian John Amy Balcomb Sheet music by David Devereux


lover's leap

When two spirits from a host family are finally able to manifest in physical form at the same time, they realize this is their first chance at sex since their honeymoon. But first they have to scare off some nasty guests! Actors Austin Beach - Freddie Olivia Browout - Olivia Marie Ferrara - Presenter Jessica Rainwell - Bambi Steve Schneider - Lester Sarah Caitlin Taylor - CarrieKc Wayland - Written by David Steve Schneider from an original idea by Andy Wardlaw Directed by Kc Editing and Sound Design Wayland Matthew J. Boudeau Music by Dayn Leonardson Cover art by Kc Riliniki


a little bedtime bloody

A father reads to his younger daughter and all is not so good Kronfli as Papa Layla Katib as Princess 11th Hour Audio Productions with 63audio The Radio Theater Workshop Firewall Theater Company Broken Bard Studios director Pete Lutz produces the musical soundtrack by Dayn Leonardson



Two Instagram princesses enter a medical museum in search of the thrill of a grotesque show. The guide introduces you to the circus mermaids who will test the limits of their endurance. Written by Lindsay Harris-Freer Starring: Tania Milojevich as Heatherheim Cleveland as Mimi Erica Sanderson as Keith Fiona Serrell Abigail and Alison Heather Spiegel-Oden as Bettina Caitlin Sneddon as Cordelia Sarah Golding as Lena 11th Hour Audio Production Showcases Weirdness A Collaboration between the voices of Unseen Moments Bloodthirsty Puppet Lightning directed by Sarah Gold and voiced by Ella Watts of Katharine Seaton



An antique shop with lots of treasures... if the price is right. Written by Miss May Adapted for Audio bt Owen McQueen Starring: Owen McQueen as Mr Mortimer Nancy McQueen as Mrs 1 Jeanne Gilbert as Mrs 2 Janet Adamonis as Mrs Sewell as Glenn Mercer Young David O Steele as the Rich Man, Brian Holcomb as the old man, John Borgie as Dennison and Amara Benson as Lucy. 11th Hour Audio Productions presents the Rolling Rehearsal Studios Steele Empires Collaboration Starring Curt Mount, Kevin Kelly, Jack Egan Score directed and produced by Owen McCuen



Pete Lutz is from 11th Hour Southwest (Texas). Greek legend tells of Vrykolakas, a vampire creature somewhat different from the Slavic vampires known to us. In a town in the American Southwest, bullets and drops of blood fly as a Greek gangster returns from the dead to hunt his killer! Written by Pete Lutz of Weird Tales Magazine by Robert C. Sandison Actors Announcer: Shannon Bladow DAGO JOE: Lisa Marie Ayala Copy Boys: Katie Loftin, Alex Moore BRIDE & MRS. SPIRIDON: Alex MooreKYRIE & Editors: Peter M. HowardGIRL & PEPITA: Evy ElizondoDINK & MITROS: Nick WommackJINX & KELSEY: Pete LutzSPIKE & ANGELOS: Jason D. Johnson Riders: George HatfieldRITZY: Dana GonsalvesGANGSTER 1: Bill HollwegDAGO J BOUBOLI: [.. .]



1920's Radio Theater Workshop, Oxford, UK. Agnes finds herself in the basement archives of the famous Bodleian Library, nervously awaiting an interview. Then the lights go out, a door locks, and Agnes stumbles over what is definitely not a stack of books. Then she began to hear the creature. Cast Agnes - Beth Eyre Roger - David WeeksTobias - Phillip CotterillCrew Director - Karim C. Kronfli Producer - Christopher Jarvis of Radio Theater WorkshopMusic - Tom Rory Parsons Writer - Richard H. Brooks



Fidgeting By Ele Matelan Mr. Wilkins wants to rest in a quiet and lively infirmary and slowly recover from his double eye surgery...everything is going like clockwork...until Nurse Tempe shows up. Written for audio horror stories, this binaural rendition of a man who doesn't just rub his rotten eyes (with the encouragement of a psychiatric nurse) will have you squirming with pleasure - if that's what you're into. Recording from Mr. Wilkins' point of view gives you that totally immersive feeling...if it's itchy...you have to scratch...right? ...We trust healthcare professionals... ----------- ------------------------ - ---- ------------------ELE MATELAN - Aside from writing audio gems like this, Ele is almost certainly the best place to play live audio work today One of the Foley -Creator. Find her work on the Wildclaw Theater website, as well as photos of her and her team in full live Foley action - and enter the annual Death Scribe Horror Writing Competition to share your unique brand of horror - if you dare . FIDGET's first entry in the 2019 Dashingly Quirky Audio Drama Screenplay Competition...Sarah wanted to do it live, but the other judges thought it might be too...too scary for a live performance, the level of horror was unexpected.... .. I still think it should be performed live... CAST AND CREW Karim Kronfli as Mr. Wilkins Sarah Golding as Nurse Tempe Danyelle Ellett as Doctor Katharine Seaton as Nurse Ruth Robert Cudmore as Unhappy Grunting PatientSound design and original music composition , produced by Sarah Golding and Katharine Seaton


to the moon and back

On the way to the family farm, Amari and May are kidnapped by local traffickers. You must find an escape route before the situation spirals completely out of control. Written by Faith McQuinn Starring: Marquita Richardson as AmariTeajuana Scott as MaeKristin Martin as Ruth Jeremy Hennessy as JeffDrew Profit as Allen Faith McQuinn Produced by Matthew Boudreau, Edited by Engineer Austin Beach, Sound Design by Joshua Suhy, Score by Amy Balcomb


in the house of the dead

Four people head to a haunted bed and breakfast, only to find it could be their last vacation. Holmes Tanja Milojevic as Loren Ebony Rose as Rose 11th Hour Audio Productions presents the collaboration between Twilight Audio Broken Bard Studios Aural Stage Studios Quirky Voices 63Audio Rolling Rehearsal Studios Lightning Bolt Theater



Four inmates working for a prison labor gang stumble upon an unusual discovery that promises great fortune... and great fear. Written by Steve Schneider Starring: Jason D. Johnson as Graves (Alan Clower) as Norton (Nick Wommack) as Henry (Dana Gonsalves) as LUCKY Russ Walker as ROY Ross Bernhardt as MORTYMark Rigsby as MacCLELLANAAlisha Strand-Mueller, Jessica Mathews and Lisa Ayala as THE WRAITHSDarren Rockhold as CREDITS ANNOUNCER11th Hour Audio Productions presents Steve Schneider's collaboration63AudioDarker ProjectsScore by Pete LutzDirected by Mj Co


Bunker 11

People have retreated to underground bunkers, but an evil presence threatens their safety Jeremy Hennessy Starring: Kristen Martin as Sophia Bissett Austin Beach as Marcus Bissett Drupleter as Nathan Henness Derricks Jeremy Hennessy as Oliver Hendricks Danielle Reese as Habicomb Matthew Boudreau as Howard Dane Leonardson Host The 11th Hour Audio Production Presents Broken Bard Studios' Aural Stage A Studio Collaboration Directed By Jeremy Hennessy Produced By Austin Beach Sound Design By Matthew Boudreaum Music Score Composed By Dayn Leonardson


Dead Man's Dawn

There is a new software for sound editing. Whether you're an aspiring podcaster, professional studio engineer, or live electronic musician, ZannTech has it all. ZannTech is a powerful way to create something that will change your life. Users lucky enough to get an early access trial are just...eager...to unleash it on the world. The 11-hour audio production by Ali Maloney, Matthew McLean, Libby Thomas and David Deveraux features a collaboration that includes a performance of the Scottish podcast Caledonian Gothic Glasgow Ghost Stories In the Middle: Audio Owl Field Below the Tin Can from the Alethian Society Scary Story includes nighttime sound design and music by David Deveraux with ZannTech Audio


Dread Castle

Dracula wakes up to find his night is full. Entertaining people at his castle is now a resort. David Meredith Writers: Michael Hudson as Karim Kronfli as Count Dracula and Sarah Golding as Mary Layla Katib as Billie



Surrounded by his belongings, a boy struggles to leave his own home. His outside world is full of too many uncertainties. As he wrestles with his beliefs, the convenience of modern everyday household items never fails to convince him on two counts. Starring Kc Wayland: James Hussey as Chung Jack Tebush as Boy Alexis Kristo Harris as Cat Joshua Petersdorf as Door Emily Dorin as Telephone Shannon Estabrook as Fan John F. Thomas as TVBev Bailey as CouchJames Oliva as Game Laura Riley as Fridge Vincent Cassel as Internet Ari Litman-Weinberg as BedKc Wayland as Can Opener Christopher Dole as Sink Collaboration (We Are Alive, Bronzeville) WTFrequency Show Director: Kc Wayland Sound Engineer: Katie Wayland Composer: Dani Berkov Hopkins Sound Design and Editing by Kc Wayland and Katie Wayland Assistant Editors James Oliva and Christopher Dole Script Supervision: Steve Schneider Casting: Vanessa Knight


New Messages

A young woman was texting her best friend when she realized she might not be alone. Written by K.A. Statz Cast: Joanna as Christy Luce Carrie as Tanja Milojevic Mother as Nicole Doolin Josh as Graham Lowat Scott as Travis Constable Vengrove as Sean Howard Paramedic as Josh Stillman 11th Hour Audio Productions presents the collaboration between dummies and academic productions Polar Audio Productions Jeff Clement (NoSleep ) Director Travis Vengrove Producer Sarah Buchynski Composer Scott ARC Composer



Two hunters of supernatural and folksy creatures and their guide go in search of the legendary Wolpertinger in the Bavarian Forest. Written by Kessi Riliniki Starring: Sarah Rhea-Werner as WyldaHeather Spiegel-Auden as Raleigh Erika Sanderson as IngridBeth Crane as WolpertingerEle Matelan as Chimera Junk Sarah Golding Katharine Seaton Score by director Sarah Buchynski


monster game

A young man battling the demons of schizophrenia from his past hears a sinister new voice with murderous intent in his earbuds. Will a romance with a mysterious neighbor save him or lead him down a darker path? Actor Bobby GagliniSarah Caitlin TaylorDexter Hrentania MilojevichEdward ChaplinMatthew BoudreauSarah Goldinfe Ona Therel


Agreement of the Martyrs

Six robots must grapple with what it means to be human and the fear that comes with it. Light years away from Earth who will save her when things go really bad. With Sarah Golding, Owen McCune, Danielle Reese, Drew Preet, Scott Phillips, Mike Jensen, Kristen Martin, Austin Beach and with Pete Lutz. Written and directed by Jeremy Hennessy and Scott Phillips, with sound design by Matthew Boudreau and score by Dayn Leonardson


hooded figure

Written by MJ Cogburn, Shane Harris and Jonathan Patrick Russell. Today's entertainment is based on Inheritance. Sometimes you can inherit a lot from your family - sometimes jewelry, expensive furniture, to huge amounts of money. What if it's not just an item or monetary gain? The cast includes actors from AudiOblivious, Darker Projects, Narada Radio Company, Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind and Leap Audio: Shane Harris as Scott McMillan MJ Cogburn as Abigail Townsend Sarah Golding as waitress Austin Bea [...]


ivory tower

Written by Richard H. Brooks 20s, University of Oxford. Students Thomas and Roger break into the master's study for a late-night drink to impress Agnes, a young woman outside the academy. The calamity becomes more ominous when they discover a secret wing of the academy and the master pursues them. However, their arrival at the tower is awaited, and soon the two students wonder how well they know their new friends. Beth Aire - Agnes Rob Bowen - Thomas David Weeks - Roger Karim Cromfly - Master Smedley John Watts - Chipley [...]


Halloween shadows

Four friends get together on Halloween night and discover that some traditions are all too real. Starring Owen McCune, Tania Milojevich, Austin Beach, Matthew Boudreau and Pete Lutz. Written and produced by Neil Gustin


A terrible light shines in the serpent's heaven

Scott Phillips hails from 11th Hour South (KY). A group of hapless pirates discover a merchant ship and think their fortunes are about to change. Your bad luck will only get worse. Starring Scott Phillips, Austin Beech, Mike Jensen, Drew Proffit, Jeremy Hennessy Written and Directed by Scott Phillips (Audioblivious Productions) Laura Beth Brabright Sound Design by Beth Bramblelette (Producer of Jim Robbie and the Outcasts) Music Production and Soundtrack by Austin Beach (Audioblivious Productions ) Dayn Leonardson (Koch Studios)


kill the boy

Scott Phillips from the 11th hour in Midwest (Wisconsin). A boy and his mother are adjusting to their new life in a small town when something sinister begins to unravel. Cast Sarah Golding as Mom Jeremy Hennessy as Jeremy Dayn Leonardson as Entity Directed by Scott Phillips and Dayn Leonardson Sound Design / Music by Dayn Leonardson


heavenly deception

Steve Schneider hails from the 11th Hour Northeast (New England, USA). When Prudence (Tanja Milojevic) reunites with her older sister Zara (Sarah Caitlin Taylor) after 18 months, their reunion is interrupted in a sudden, dramatic and life-changing manner. With Richard Wentworth and Owen McCune. Actors Tanya Milojevich - Prussara Caitlin Taylor - Zara Tyrone Poe - Heather Abby Hilditch - Nicole Rich Wentworth - Mr Green Susan Buttrick - Ms Blue Owen McCune - Mr White Marie Ferrara - Lillian Mike McGuirekin - The Cultist 1 Scott Hickey - The Cultist 2 Mit Rick Coster - DeejayCrew Recording and Production Assistance: Richard Summers Dialogue Editing: Eli McIlveen Sound Design: Bryan Bristol Composition and Post Production Mixing: Matthew J Boudreau Videography: Mike McQuilkin "Heavenly Deception" contains [...]


Bald eagles over low doves

Justin Mullane's 2015 debut 11 Hour. Buffalo writer Justin Mullane took a script idea he'd been considering for a while and wrote 30 minutes of weird, spooky fun over the course of a week. Upon receiving the draft, Monique Boudreau began editing the audio script while Matthew Boudreau and Richard Wentworth began casting. In a short time after nearly all characters were cast, Mr. Wentworth began scouting out venues while Aural Stage Studios, Inc. began collecting equipment and sound props. On October 23rd we head to historic Lowell, MA to meet some brilliant, creative and crazy people for some last minute mischief and horror. On this special day for the radio play, we would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who donated their time, energy and enthusiasm to this project! This show is all about determination, with […]


intensive care unit

James Comtois Alex Ericcson (Nat Angstrom) is rushed to a New England hospital after a serious car accident. His quarters haven't progressed that far and there's something wrong with his fellow patients. Are those screams in the distance? The more he wakes up, the more Alex realizes that his condition is more critical than he thought. Samantha Mason leads the collaboration between FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios. NICU also stars Christina Balbo, PG Lorusso, Bernie Horowitz and Dave Marshall. With Hannah Kramer, Janis Gardner and Ashley Brooks. Directed by Samantha Mason. Music by Matthew J. Boudreau and Barb Truex. Sound design and editing was done by Matthew J Boudreau. This piece was the prototype and inspiration for the 11 hour audio production.


11th Hour of the Month Audio Biometrics - Human Error

Before we start the show, we want all listeners to know that 11th Hour Audio is working on a pilot for a new series called Brimstone Gap. Written by Philip Craig Robotham, Brimstone Gap is a dark tale set in the Wild West. In the American West, there was a little-frequented station along the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1880s. Those who get off the train are almost never seen again, and its reputation is murky and steeped in supernatural mysteries. The city is a spiritual vortex that attracts dark and broken souls. If you want to help us bring this series to your ears, join us on Patreon. April is the month of resurrection. The queen of the underworld has appeared and put an end to the harsh and barren winter. Attis, Cybele's wife, becomes a fertility symbol after castrating herself under a pine tree, and a martyred carpenter rises from his grave with promises of eternal life. The myths and stories of spring are filled with the concept of resurrection. But in the Land of Terror, the ultimate symbol of resurrection is the zombie. Few of the other creatures that lurk in our nightmares have the concepts of life, death, rebirth, and fertility that modern zombies have. With that in mind, we delved into a story by Ali Hilton called Human Error. Human Error takes a deep look at the zombie apocalypse and asks the question "What does it mean to be a monster?" The world as we know it is ending and a new one is being born. Human error comes from some of the creators who made City of Statues for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2022. Excited for this month's biometrics? Want to hear your own horror stories on this podcast? Then go to our new submission page and submit your show. CAST (in order of appearance): Lindsay Zana as Grace Katherine RyanElissa Park as Billie RyanJosh Portillo as Nick RyanDarin F. Earl II as Radio Announcer Eleanor Anwen as DelilahStacey Cotham as TylerDustin Vuong Nguyen as ElioAllison Dauphine as Hazel Nicole JarrelGusAllen Whania Mincks as Jace Franklin CREW: Written by Ali Hylton Edited by Tal Minear and Brad Colbroock Sound effects designed by Brad Colbroock Dialogue edited by Ali Hylton Edited by Caroline Mincks Consulted Music composed by Ali Hylton The trailer for this episode is from Show Thirteen. To learn more about the show, visit her Twitter.

not applicable

About 11th Hour Audio

Sometime in September 2015 we decided to do a short horror audio drama just for fun. In Critical Care Fashion, we asked some Northeast-based audio drama producers if they'd like to be a part of the Audio Drama Day mayhem. The answer was a loud "Damn!" and 11th Hour Audio Productions was born. Every October we release new stories created by our audio drama team from around the world to shake your spine and soul.


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