12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (2023)

good customer serviceit is vital to the success of retail businesses. Truly,93% of customersthey are more likely to make repeat purchases with companies that provide excellent customer service. And about 80% of consumers say they would rather do business with a brand's competition after more than one bad experience.

As you already know, there are many factors that contribute to thestore experience, Includedcommercialization, sales team and the environment in general. But buyers' perception of your business is greatly influenced by the quality of your customer service.

That's why it's important to always strive to provide the highest level of service and impress your customers every time they interact with your business. The best part is that you have full control over the quality of service you offer.

But how exactly can you improve the customer service experience?

In this article, we'll take a look at what good and bad customer service looks like, as well as real-life, applicable examples of successful retailers providing good customer service.

Read on to learn about:

  • What is retail customer service?
  • What is bad customer service?
  • 12 Real Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail
  • Keeping up with providing excellent customer service

What is retail customer service?

Retail customer service is the help and support a person receives when they want to buy a product or service in a store. Many customers expect pleasant, efficient, and timely customer service responses.

The strategy may vary from one retail business to another, but the main ingredients are:

  • Provide a quick response when customers ask a question or mention an issue, showing them that their opinions are valued.
  • Empathize with the customer to show that you understand and appreciate their perspective.
  • Offer self-service options so customers can find solutions to their problems on their own time (for example, an FAQ page on your website or a tablet where they can search for information in the store)
  • Optimization of customer service on all channels, including social networks, live chat on your website,the emailand telephone for convenient customer service
  • Go beyond customer expectations to provide a positive experience and encourageconsumer loyalty.
  • Serving multiple clients at the same timewhen you get an increase in visitors without sacrificing the quality of each interaction.

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    What is bad customer service?

    Failure to meet customer expectations for response time, service quality, and overall service experience can damage a customer's opinion of your retail store. And that can lead to lost sales—78% of customersgave up on a purchase due to a bad experience.

    That's why it's important to avoid things like making the client wait too long for help, using negative language, being rude, and not offering empathy.

    12 examples of good customer service

    1. Add a personal touch
    2. Be transparent and educate customers
    3. Respond quickly to all customer feedback
    4. Use creative and unexpected return policies
    5. Find an alternative solution when items are out of stock
    6. Create a connection with local buyers
    7. Remember and reward repeat customers
    8. Proactively resolve online store shipping issues
    9. Offer "try before you buy" to online shoppers
    10. Perfect your in-store greeting
    11. Send a handwritten thank you note
    12. Simplify customer service across all channels

    As we've already learned, good retail customer service involves connecting with local shoppers, educating people about the products you sell, rewarding repeat customers, and much more.

    Here are 12 real-life examples of good customer service you can experience today.

    1. Add a personal touch

    Your advantage as a local retailer is that you can offer a level of personalized service that e-commerce giants like Amazon cannot. Customer service is an opportunity to add a human touch to your business.

    Put personalization into action

    Give more attention to customers in need by helping them find the right product.

    For example, if the customer is looking for a pair of black skinny jeans, escort them to the table where they are displayed, rather than simply saying, "They're there on that table." You can then present the various options and talk about the different features of the product to help them compare jeans and make a decision.

    Get to know your customers better with Shopify

    Use Shopify customer profiles to get a complete picture of your customers. Collect contact information, see what they buy online and in store, how many orders they've placed, which channels they prefer, add notes to their profile, and more.

    2. Be transparent and educate customers

    Providing education on the products you sell can also help you cross-sell orupsell products.

    At first, it might seem pushy or bad for customer service, but if you're transparent and take the time to educate shoppers before they buy, they'll likely leave satisfied. Starting a conversation can also help you tailor your recommendations to your needs.

      You can use the formula "FAB". FAB is an acronym for Features, Perks and Benefits and can help you and your sales team easily remember the details of each product you sell.

      • FeaturesThey are the characteristics or components of a product.
      • Benefitssee what features can do.
      • Benefitsthey are what the customer can get from the product and its features, that is the most important part.

        For the best results, be sure to present unique benefits to each buyer.

        For example, if you're selling a raincoat, features might include the material and how water-repellent yet breathable it is. The advantages may be durability and easy-care instructions compared to other raincoats. And finally, the benefit can be to stay dry on the rainiest days.

        Putting transparency and education into action

        First, make sure you have a good understanding of the products you sell. If you're not designing and manufacturing them, ask what brands you have in stockproduct knowledgeexplanatory guides of the characteristics, advantages and benefits of the merchandise. Getting familiar with their products and bestsellers will ensure that you always have items to recommend.

        So when a new shopper walks into your store, you can pay close attention to their body language. If they seem to want to interact with you, this is a good time to ask them what they're looking for, and then educate them on products that meet their needs.

        Be transparent about how and where products are made, as well as the benefits of each item. Displaying products that can be used together is a great way to cross-sell or up-sell.

        By educating customers, you will avoid appearing pushy and instead be helpful.

        Informing customers about who exactly made their products, how they are made, and how long it will take to reach them helps them better connect with the production process. In the craft world, things run slower, and while people don't mind waiting for their products, it's important to educate them on why it's taking so long.

        3. Respond promptly to all customer feedback

        responding to the positivemiTimely negative feedback shows that you are listening to customers and valuing their opinion, good or bad.

        Respond to all customer reviews, and even faster to negative comments. People appreciate if you communicate with them quickly when they have problems, have questions, or need a solution. If you can prioritize your customer inquiries into levels of importance and address the most urgent ones within two hours—those experiences that are likely to impact your brand—you have a winning formula.

        Putting fast response time into action

        Let's say you sell sportswear and you recently added a new brand to your retail store. Customers eagerly buy so they can be the first in their area to use the new equipment. But when they head to their next yoga class, the seams on the leggings come undone, and in a few more wears, they'll show a lot more than they'd like during the next down dog.

        Start getting calls, emails, and online reviews about this problem. The best thing you can do is respond immediately. Even if you lose money by accepting all returns, it's the right thing to do. And you can respond to public reviews online by saying something like “Thanks for the feedback. We value your support and are addressing this issue with the provider now. Check your email for return and refund instructions."

        It shows that you are responsive and willing to fix problems quickly.

        In such a case, you can also go back to the provider and report the problem. Hopefully they'll let you return the stock and refund your money.

        4. Use creative and unexpected return policies

        If a customer places an order online and later decides they don't like it or don't fit it, recommend that they give it to a friend or family member and offer to send them a new product for the same amount. That way, he'll make them happy and put their products in the hands of another potential customer. Or the customer may decide to use the item anyway.

        Also, this tactic is unique and will likely cause the customer to tell others about the experience.

        A great example of a brand using this type of return policy isThinxvintage underwear. This isn't the brand's standard return policy, but it's worth mentioning.

        12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (1)

        The only reason I know is that a friend told me how amazing she thought the experience was. She emailed Thinx to process a return and was told to give the unwanted items to a friend. In the end, she put it all away and shared the experience with me, leaving me more inclined to try Thinx as well.

        Thinx benefits becauseyou do not have to pay for return shippingas well as increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

        Enforce creative return policies

        You can decide to use this strategy only for your most loyal customers or new customers to build loyalty. Or, you can choose a random buyer each month to try this strategy and avoid spending too much money.

        Whatever you decide, you can put it into practice by creating an email template that is sent to certain customers who contact you with a return request. Or if a customer is doing areturn in store, you can explain it then.

        Your email might read something like this:

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        Hello [Name],

        We're sorry you weren't satisfied with your recent purchase. We will be happy to issue a refund, but if you prefer, you can also give the products to a friend or family member or keep them to try again at a later date.

        If you choose this option, we will still send you new products (of your choice) at the same price. Or, you can request a full refund and still keep your order.

        Let us know how you would like to proceed.


        The [name of your store] team

        5. Find a solution when items are out of stock

        If a customer is shopping in-store or online and is faced with an out-of-stock product that they really want, here are some recommendations to fix this issue:

        1. Recommend an alternative but similar article.
        2. If you have more than one retail location, see if you can find stock at one of your other stores.
        3. If the product is from a brand you own, please contact them to see if they have additional stock for immediate delivery so you can fill your customer's order.
        4. If you manufacture and also wholesale your products, see if one of your retailers has available stock of the specific item.

        Another out-of-stock issue that can occur online is that the customer places an order, but does not have the stock available to ship. This happens when the online inventory is not updated or synchronized with the total available inventory.

        💡DICA PRO:What do you do if a customer wants to buy a product that you don't have in stock? Use Shopify POS'buy in store, send to customerfeature to complete transactions in the store, ship orders to buyers from your warehouse, and credit your store for making the sale.

        Put alternative inventory solutions into action

        when i had oneLoja and Shopifyselling women's sportswear, he had a very popular legging design called Jungle Fever. All of my retailers were stocking inventory, and my direct-to-consumer sales were growing as well.

        At one point, a customer contacted me on Instagram asking about the size. As soon as we checked her size, I realized she was out of stock to fill the order. Rather than lose a potential customer, I offered to contact one of the retailers I worked with to see if they were still in stock. Once I confirmed that this was the case, I arranged to ship the inventory to the customer and asked the retailer to bill them directly. That way, the customer was satisfied and I helped my retail partner move inventory.

        Here's a screenshot of that email.

        12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (2)

        6. Connect with local buyers

        You are more likely to remember a cashier engaging in conversation with you than a store clerk not saying a word. Finding something you have in common with buyers is a great way to build a connection and provide a memorable experience. Even if it's something small.

        Putting relationship building into action

        Be careful when discussing or recording customer orders on thecheckout counter🇧🇷 Look for common ground to find a way to connect with people. Then strike up a conversation based on those similarities.

        For example, if you notice at checkout that the customer is carrying a tennis racket and you also play tennis, ask them where they play and also talk about their favorite local courts. In this type of scenario, the customer is ready to pay, but you may still have a hard time talking to them. This shouldn't just happen when you're trying to make a sale.

        Connecting with buyers during every step of the buying journey is a great way to build relationships.

        7. Remember and reward returning customers

        Add an element of surprise and delight by remembering and rewarding repeat shoppers. keeping the80/20 ruleKeeping in mind can help you grow your business - 80% of the business usually comes from 20% of the customers. That's why building customer loyalty is key.

        You can do this by letting regular customers know that you are grateful for their support.

        Put rewards into action

        use apoint of sale softwarethat allows you to track returning customers, create customer profiles, and sync data so you can deliver personalized shopping experiences. You'll have quick access to notes, past orders, and the total amount a customer has spent at your business.

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        Then put customer data to good use by adding loyalty apps to yourpoint of sale system🇧🇷 You will be able to reward customers for shopping with you in store and online. And you can take it a step further by thanking them in person at the register or by sending them a personal note with your next online order (more on handwritten notes below).

        Reward loyalty wherever customers shop

        Only Shopify's built-in loyalty apps allow customers to earn and redeem loyalty rewards when they shop with you online and in-store, without the need for complicated or in-store workarounds.

        8. Proactively resolve online store shipping issues

        Naturally, e-commerce businesses face occasional issues with shipping and delivery. Whether it is a missed delivery, a delay, a missing package, or damaged goods, various problems can occur.

        In most cases, these incidents are not your fault, but you are still responsible for providing a good customer experience. That's why it's crucial to carefully track customer orders and make sure the package arrives on time and intact. If something goes wrong, be proactive and contact the customer immediately to correct the situation. Don't wait for them to contact you.

        Implement shipping best practices

        if you also have oneOnline store, create a system that helps you closely track the status of orders and shipments online. If you see any red flags, anticipate the situation by taking the initiative to contact your customer, instead of waiting for them to contact you because they never received their order.

        9. Offer "try before you buy" to online shoppers

        If you can manage logistics, allowing customers to try on items at home before purchasing is a great way to build relationships with them. Plus, once you go the extra mile to provide a great shopping experience, they'll be more likely to buy at least one product from the merchandise you sent them to try.

        You may already know of companies likefixed pointmibirch boxwho are pioneers in creatingexperiment before you buy programs, but you can also try this strategy on a smaller scale.

        Putting “try before you buy” into action

        Remember the example I mentioned earlier about workarounds for out of stock? During the same situation, my client was also not sure which size would be right for her, so I offered to send her two sizes to try at home. I also included a return label, so you could easily return the size that didn't fit.

        This made the buying process easier for her and also meant that I didn't have to ship the merchandise twice. I started the conversation by sending him a direct message on Instagram after he commented on a recent post. We then continued the conversation via email. In the end, it was harder for me to win her over as a customer, but she became a repeat buyer and also promoted my brand through her.instagram profile🇧🇷 It was worth it.

        12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (3)

        10. Perfect your store greeting

        Great customer service starts the moment potential customers walk into your store. arrive with aexclusive greeting in storeit will help you make a strong first impression. Avoid expected phrases like "How can I help you today?" Try different greetings to get attention and get to know shoppers better.

        You can say hello, ask the customer's name, introduce yourself, and offer to place the bags behind the counter so they can feel more comfortable while they browse. Try to make each customer feel special with a friendly greeting that isn't immediately associated with a sale.

        Put store greetings into action

        To start improving your greeting in the store, create a list of five to 10 unique ways to greet customers and try a few each day. Make sure your sales team is familiar with greetings and approach customers in a friendly and welcoming manner.

        Here are three options to get you started:

        Option 1

        You:Hello, welcome to [store name]. My name is [your name]. We have a lounge on the left side of the store, so feel free to take a break from shopping and grab a glass of water. I'm here if you need anything.

          option 2

          You:Hello welcome. My name is [your name]. And what is his name?
          Client:Hello, my name is Jane.
          You:Hello Jane. Nice to meet you. Do you want me to store your bags behind the counter while you look around?

          Option #3

          You:Hello! How are you today?
          great thanks
          Charming. Take your time to look around. I'm here if you need anything.

          11. Send a handwritten thank you note

          Sending handwritten thank you notes is not only a kind gesture, but also a surefire way to stand out from other retailers (especially the larger ones). It may seem like an old-fashioned way of greeting customers, but it's a memorable experience. For example, I still have this handwritten note that I received after making a purchase atlike that skin careover a year ago.

          12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (4)

          Thank you notes are most commonly used to thank customers for an order, but there's more.reasons why companies should send handwritten notes, Included:

          • Make customers feel special by congratulating them
          • Recognize a milestone like a wedding or graduation
          • Building a stronger connection with customers

          putting handwritten notes into action

          Use a printer likeinoVistaprintto create personalized thank you cards. So every time you submit an online order, please include a short handwritten note. People will most likely stick with your rating and this will increase loyalty and turn customers into brand advocates.

          12. Simplify customer service across all channels

          about 16 hours a daythey are now spent online by the average American adult. That's a pre-pandemic record of twelve and a half hours a day.

          (Video) Pivotal Week of Earnings and Inflation Data | LPL Market Signals

          As people spend more time online, they expect more from businesses, including a consistent customer service experience across all platforms. It's also a way for local retailers to differentiate themselves: 53% of Canadian consumers and 42% of Americans see customer service as an important factor when choosing to shop local over an online retailer.

          To successfully build lasting relationships with your customers, it's crucial to offer a consistent customer service experience across email, phone, live chat, social media, your website, and your store.

          12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (5)

          Putting omnichannel customer service into action

          Here are three on-the-go ways to streamline your customer service communications.

          1. Send direct messages through social networks.If a customer leaves a comment on one of your Instagram posts requesting more information about your products, reply directly in the comments section or send them a DM to answer their questions. You can also provide your business email address and let them know that they can email you if they prefer.
          2. Add a live chat or chat bot to your website.Live chat is a great way to interact with website visitors while they are browsing. It is also useful for customers who want to buy online and pick up in store. You'll be available to quickly answer questions as they shop online, which can improve customer experience and conversion rates.Visite una App Store de Shopifyto discover live chat plugins that you can easily add to your online store.
          3. Create a customer support email address.Email is a quick and easy way for customers to contact you with questions. It also allows you to reply when you have time, although I suggest responding within 24 hours. You can use a general company email address, such ashola@tuempresa.com, or create an email address dedicated to customer service, such asatenciónalcliente@tuempresa.comand mark it on your website and social media channels. That way, customers know they can reach you at any time via email.

            DICA PRO:If you usually take 24 hours to respond to customer emails, please let them know. That way, when a customer tries to contact you by email, he has a rough idea of ​​how long he can wait before getting a response from you.

            Here's an example of a simple automated email response that will only take a few minutes to set up:

            12 Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail (2022) (6)

            Keeping up with providing excellent customer service

            Consumer behavior is constantly changing. This includes marketing preferences, buying habits, how people interact with businesses, and much more.

            Your customer service strategy may also evolve, but customer demand for good service and support is constant. That's why it's crucial to always find the best ways to deliver a great customer experience and adapt to serve your customers wherever they are.

            In summary, this includes:

            • Making sure that you and your team are well informed about the products you sell.
            • Be available for customer questions and respond promptly (even if it's negative feedback)
            • Going the extra mile to make customers feel happy and special
            • Win on customer service using an easy-to-understand methodpoint of sale system

            Get to know your customers better with Shopify

            Use Shopify customer profiles to get a complete picture of your customers. Collect contact information, see what they buy online and in store, how many orders they've placed, which channels they prefer, add notes to their profile, and more. Then sync your sales information with your customer profiles to get a complete picture.

            Frequently asked questions about customer service

            What is customer service?

            Customer service is the assistance provided by a business aimed at helping its customers with various items such as returns, exchanges, bad experiences, product issues, and more.

            What are basic customer service skills?

            Basic customer service skills needed to provide the best possible assistance to your customers include communication skills, empathy, patience, self-control, and problem-solving skills.

            What are the most important qualities of good customer service?

            To ensure you provide the best customer service, strive for professionalism, patience, and the belief that the customer comes first.

            What is an example of customer service?

            An example of customer service is when a customer receives a product (for example, a sweatshirt) and it doesn't fit well. You will need to provide a way for the customer to contact you so that they can return the product or exchange it for a different size. You or your customer service representative will guide them through the process. This is just one example of what customer service can look like for a retail brand.


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