All Honkai Star Trail Crossover Characters Honkai Series | (2023)

There are almost a dozen Honkai Star Rail crossover characters. We've named them all and shared their previous links to the series.

HHonkai Star Rail Crossover Characters:If Honkai: Star Trails is your first exposure to the Honkai series, you'll be curious to know that it features many crossover characters. We collected all of the MiHoYo crossover characters included in Honkai: Star Trails and added their backstories. Plus their similarities and differences to their alter egos.

Collapsing Star Trail crossover character

There are currently ten Honkai Star Rail crossover characters that have appeared in some form in previous Honkai titles:

  • princess
  • Kafka
  • Bronya
  • silver wolf
  • Cocoa
  • Soul
  • swelling
  • Li Sushang
  • Natasha


Honkai Himeko Star Trail VS Honkai Academy 2

Himeko first appeared in MiHoYo's Houkai Gakuen 2 and later returned in Honkai Impact 3rd. In both games, as in Star Railroad, Himeko is a strong female leader and squad commander.

Himeko is the commander of the Honkai 3rd

In a rather gruesome twist, Ji Zi died and left in both of the previous Honkai gamesFans want to knowTheir destiny in Honkai: Star Trail. Jizi is probably the most famous of the Honkai: Star Trails recurring characters.

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As the villain in Honkai: Interstellar Railway, Kafka has undergone earth-shattering changes since his debut in Honkai Academy 2. In Honkai Gakuen 2, Kafka is described as a sickly young girl with a somber mood. This is in stark contrast to the confident and powerful Kafka we've seen in Honkai: Star Trails so far.

It's a giant leap from aspiring author to Stellaron Hunter. MiHoYo's design changes perfectly match her personality transformation.


All Honkai Star Trail Crossover Characters Honkai Series | (4)

maybe surprising,CocoaAlso a recurring character. Originally she was an arms dealer of Honkai Academy 2, Bronya's adoptive mother and later became the commander of Honkai 3rd. In her previous two appearances in Honkai, Cocolia is of Russian descent, as in Honkai: Star Trail, and is not afraid to fight for her cause.

Cocolia's relationship with her adopted daughter, Bronya - a storyline in Honkai: Interstellar Railway - has also been mentioned in previous entries.

Cocolia Boss Battle Music: What is this song and where can I find it? Cocolia's boss battle music is very beautiful. Find out who performed the song and get the lyrics to the best song since it was released. Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips May 9, 2023


Bronya in Honkai: Interstellar Railroad vs. Honkai Gakuen 2 alternate skins

Considered one of the main characters of MiHoYo, Bronya appears in three games of the Honkai universe: Honkai Gakuen 2 (Guns GirlZ), Honkai 3rd and Honkai: Star Trail. She is also the adopted daughter of Cocolia in three breeds.

Bronya's design in Star Trail is apparently inspired by another skin of hers in Honkai Academy 2, the Rational Ruler.

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Design by Bronya in Houkai Academy 2 and Houkai 3rd

In all Bronya iterations of the Honkai series, she is a sniper, similar to Honkai: Interstellar Railway. However, in previous games, she was known as Bronya Zaychik, who is originally from Russia. Interestingly, Bronya's alias in Honkai Gakuen 2 is Silver Wolf, and MiHoYo has used that moniker to create a whole new cast of charactersHonkai Star Trail Version 1.1.

silver wolf

Silver Wolf's design was clearly inspired by Bronya's appearance in Honkai Impact 3rd

Based on her backstory, the hacker Silver Wolf who will appear in version 1.1 may not exist in Honkai, but her presence is a throwback to previous Honkai games.

Bronya's Honkai: Astral Trail theme is based on alternate skins, preserving her "classic" look from Honkai 3rd. MiHoYo seems pretty smart about using Bronya's alias "Silver Wolf" and her previous character designs as the basis for a brand new playable character.


In terms of appearance, the world has undergone quite a transformation, from the dark gothic look of Houkai Gakuen 2 to the wise scholar of Honkai: Star Rail. However, his appearance in Honkai 3rd is very close to how we know him today.

In previous Honkai games, World Yang was known to possess the ability to manipulate gravity, and he was the first of his kind to do so. In Honkai 3rd, World is the monarch of the anti-Honkai organization called "Anti-Entropy" - Cocolia and Bronya are also members of the organization. Welter also appears as a character inHonkai 3Comics.

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Xier is a minor character in the previous Honkai. She is a gentle and considerate girl, which is completely different from the arrogant and domineering character in Honkai: Star Trail.

Soul of Honkai Interstellar Orbit vs Swallowtail Phantom Skin Soul of Honkai 3rd

Seele's role in Honkai Impact 3rd, Cocolia's other adopted daughter and Bronya, is very interesting because she has an alter ego. The alter ego is called a "shadow" that lives within herthe late, a source of insane power known as Stigmata, who is both their protector and tormentor.

Soul and her alternate alter ego skin Veliona in Honkai Impact 3rd

In Honkai: Star Trails, Soul is an unlockable quantum elemental character who grew up in the dangerous underworld of Beloborg. In version 1.0, we got a glimpse of her relentless drive to achieve her goals as part of Wildfire, an unstoppable drive very similar to Veliona's.


Li Sushang was a late addition to Honkai Impact 3rd and earned the title as an S-Tier character in October 2022 as part of Update 6.1. Li Sushang is introduced as an Ice support character whose slot is full to activate Sword Array mode. Sword Array mode grants Li Su the ability to attack combos, similar to her sword style in Honkai Star Trail.

Li Sushang is one of the protagonists of MihayouVisual novel “Seven Swords”.After that, she becomes a playable character in the game. Her background is that she was cryogenically frozen and thawed after being injured to become involved in current events.

Li Sushang is one of the protagonists of the visual novel Seven Swords. She was later added as a playable character to Honkai Impact 3rd.

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In Honkai Impact 3rd, her ultimate Blade Eminence summons a greatsword that descends from the sky. In Honkai: Star Trails, it initially looked like Veterans Ultimate would do the same thing, except that it would summon a giant chicken. Similar to Final Fantasy VII's Fat Chocobo summoning style, it's also a high-value meme ability.


Natasha Cioara, better known as Raven, is one of the main antagonists in Honkai Impact 3rd and a member of World Serpent. While Natasha is a ruthless mercenary in the game, she also shows a side of kindness and tenderness - especially when it comes to taking care of her children.

In Honkai: Star Trails, Natasha showed her softer side but still tried to shake things up. She is the true leader of the Belobog Underworld peacekeeping force Wildfire and one of the few doctors in the region.

Collapsing Star Trail crossover character

There are also some nods to previous Honkai games in Honkai: Interstellar Railway, and we'll likely see more crossover characters from MiHoYo's previous two Honkai games. Refreshingly, MiHoYo isn't afraid to reinvent certain characters like Natasha and Kafka. We'll keep you posted if we see more Honkai Star Rail crossover characters in the future.

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Who is the strongest character in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Tingyun. HoYoverse Energy generation helps in getting your character's ultimate in Honkai Star Rail. Tingyun is easily the best four-star character in Honkai Star Rail, thanks to her brilliant buffs for DPS characters. She can generate energy for allies and boost their damage for multiple turns.

How many Honkai: Star Rail characters are there? ›

Honkai: Star Rail has 22 playable characters for fans to unlock and take into battle.

Will Honkai: Star Rail have new characters? ›

Honkai: Star Rail reveals a plethora of content coming in the game's first post-launch update, including three new characters. Honkai: Star Rail has revealed more information about its upcoming Version 1.1 update, set to feature three new characters and plenty of events next month.

Is Yanqing a girl or boy? ›

Yanqing is a young boy with long blond hair tied back into a ponytail and golden eyes.

Who is the canon MC in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

What Are Trailblazer Canon Names in Honkai Star Rail? When you reach the main character selection in Honkai Star Rail, you can see that both Trailblazers have names: Male Protagonist – Receptacle Caelus. Female Protagonist – Receptacle Stelle.

Who is the oldest character in Honkai? ›

Fu Hua is one of the oldest characters in Honkai Impact.

Is Seele a 5 star? ›

Seele is a five-star limited character who follows the Hunt path and has the Quantum combat type. You can only get her if she's featured on the character event banner. There aren't a lot of Quantum characters in the game, which makes her even more important to have, and here's how you can build your Seele.

Who is the villain in Honkai? ›

Type of Hostile Species

Houkai (or Honkai), also known as Collapse, are the titular central antagonists of Guns Girl Z and its sequel Honkai Impact 3rd.

What is the male MC name in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Caelus is the male Trailblazer and Stelle is the female Trailblazer.

What is the name of the female MC in Star Rail? ›

The player gets to choose either Stelle (female) or Caelus (male), along with their Receptacle Codename.

Are there only female characters in Honkai? ›

The series has multiple male characters, just never ones that are playable like Otto Apocalypse or Kevin.

Will Honkai get male characters? ›

There are currently nine male characters in Honkai: Star Rail that are already playable or have been confirmed by miHoYo to become playable soon.

Who is the next limited banner Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Silver Wolf is the next Banner in Honkai Star Rail during Phase 1 of version 1.1. Silver Wolf is a Quantum attacker of The Nihility path.

Which banner is after Seele? ›

The Honkai Star Rail banner schedule currently is: April 26, 2023 – May 17, 2023 (Seelee: Butterfly on a Swordtip banner) May 17, 2023 – June 7, 2023 (Jing Yuan: Swirl of Heavenly Spear banner) June 7, 2023 – June 28, 2023 (Silver Wolf) [leaked]

What gender is Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Honkai: Star Rail is set up just like Genshin Impact when it comes to your main character; you can select your gender in Honkai: Star Rail. You can pick either male or female as your hero awakens from their slumber.

How old is Yanqing? ›

The Chinese 1.0.5 version of the game stated that Yanqing is eight years old.

Who is Qu Yanqing god of slaughter? ›

Qu Yanqing is a very famous beauty in the Endless Sea. It's just that she usually wears a thin mask, and rarely shows her true face. A saintess from the Heaven Lake Divine Land can never fall in love with a man in their lifetime, so the saintesses never show their true faces in front of men.

Who is the purple haired girl in Honkai? ›

Sirin appears as a young girl somewhere between the ages of 12 and 13. She has long purple hair and yellow eyes. Her outfit changed 3 times during the course of the 2nd Eruption. She is first seen wearing a white lab gown before her full awakening.

Is Kiana and Mei canon? ›

Kiamei is considered the most popular ship in the fandom because of it's canon status and the relationship of the two characters being very centric to the story.

Who is the blonde guy in Honkai? ›

Otto Apocalypse is a young-looking man with blond hair tied to the side. He keeps his blonde hair and green eyes in all of his Soulium bodies.

Who is Cecilia Honkai husband? ›

Cecilia Schariac was the wife of Siegfried Kaslana and the biological mother of Kiana Kaslana. She was the most powerful valkyrja ever known by Schicksal with an S-Rank but she was not the first to hold that title.

Is Bronya disabled? ›

As a result of staying in the quantum plane longer than intended, Bronya lost the ability to feel a wide range of emotions, required advanced legs prosthesis in order to move and had a biochip inserted in her brain to maintain survival.

Who is the tallest in Honkai Impact? ›

Heights - from shorter to taller
  • 5'4" / 163 cm - Kiana Kaslana.
  • 5'4" / 165 cm - Durandal.
  • 5'4" / 165 cm - Fu Hua.
  • 5'5" / 167 cm - Murata Himeko.
  • 5'6" / 170 cm - Kallen Kaslana.
  • 5'7" / 172 cm - Raiden Mei.
  • 5'7" / 172 cm - Rita Rossweisse.
  • 6'4" / 194 cm - Yae Sakura (including ears)
May 19, 2021

Who is the 1st Herrscher? ›

Order and TitleIdentity
First Herrscher Herrscher of ReasonWelt Joyce (Deceased) Welt Yang (Former; Current as of A Post-Honkai Odyssey) Bronya Zaychik
Second Herrscher Herrscher of the VoidSirin K-423 (Vessel)
Third Herrscher Herrscher of ThunderRaiden Mei
Fourth Herrscher Herrscher of WindWendy (Deceased)
10 more rows

Did Seele kiss Bronya? ›

Before leaving, Seele gifted Bronya with the robot Project Bunny 19c, who became Bronya's main weapon, and kissed her. "I gave you my first kiss, Bronya!

Why does Seele have 7 eyes? ›

SEELE's logo is a reference to biblical descriptions of God having seven eyes (Zechariah 3:9, the "stone with seven eyes", and Revelation 5:6, where the Lamb of God has seven eyes).

Who is Otto's girlfriend Honkai? ›

Otto's social rhetoric is mostly disguised, but his feelings for the childhood sweetheart, Kallen Kaslana, are genuine.

Who is the red girl in Honkai? ›

Murata Himeko is a secondary character of Honkai Impact 3rd. She was a teacher at St. Freya Academy and the squad leader of the main trio Kiana Kaslana, Raiden Mei and Bronya Zaychik.

Is Raiden Mei dead? ›

Durandal, who had caught Kiana with the powers of the Sixth Divine Key (Abyss Flower), obliterated Mei in the fight for Kiana.

Who is Tesla Honkai? ›

Tesla is a rather impulsive, impatient inventor. Her room is a total disaster totally because she only focuses on her research, fact not helped by the fact that she was once addicted to online shopping. She also enjoys indulging in consuming alcoholic beverages relatively often.

Who is the green haired girl in Honkai? ›

Appearance. Before her MANTIS surgery, Mobius was a tall adult woman, often seen wearing a lab coat and glasses. Currently, Mobius has the appearance of a child, with long, curly, green hair that extends to her waist.

Who is the pink hair girl in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The pink-haired girl aka March 7th is an Ice support unit who is reminiscent of Diona from Genshin Impact. She is capable of giving teammates shields and her Ultimate applies the Ice element on enemies and freezes them. She is free to obtain from the story and is one of the supporting characters in the story.

Should I pick Caelus or Stelle? ›

Should you pick Caelus or Stelle in Honkai: Star Rail? HoYoverse Choose between a male or female Receptacle in Honkai: Star Rail. Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether you pick Caelus in Honkai: Star Rail or Stelle. They both have the same stats and profile, making the only difference between the two their gender.

Why is her name March 7th? ›

Character Details

She was awakened from a piece of drifting eternal ice, only to find that she knows nothing about herself or her past. Though initially feeling dejected, she decided to name herself after the date of her rebirth. And thus, on that day, March 7th was born.

Is there romance in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Despite being an RPG with a large cast of characters, the game does not have any romance options at this time.

Who is the white hair girl in Honkai? ›

Kiana has messy white hair that's often tied into two big braids. Normally, her eyes are a bright sea blue, which is in contrast to the quiet, yet deadly, golden eyes of the sleeping Herrscher within.

Are there kids in Honkai? ›

Children is a stigmata in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Is Fu Hua a boy? ›

Appearance. Fu Hua looks like a 17 year old girl of average height, contrary to her actual age. She has bluish-purplish hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

Is there a male Herrscher? ›

Most of the Herrscher are genderless but once they take control of a human body they gain the gender of their vessel, becoming one with them and officially becoming a part of their vessel, like a new persona or personality.

What gender is the captain in Honkai Impact 3rd? ›

Captain is usually male but can be female depending on the plot. Having lots of knowledge, knowing lots of truths, and having opinions on some aspects.

Is Klein from Honkai a girl? ›

Appearance. Klein has green, wavy hair, some of which falls below her face, reaching her shoulder. Part of her hair also stands up and curls in a unique way, forming an ahoge. Upon her head she wears a horn-like headpiece which holds itself in place.

Who is li sushang Honkai? ›

Li Sushang is one of the protagonists of the 7 Swords Visual Novel. She is also a secondary character in the main game. She is the daughter of Qin Suyi, who was one of Fu Hua's disciples.

Who is Silver Wolf Honkai? ›

Silver Wolf is an upcoming playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. A member of the Stellaron Hunters and a genius hacker. Silver Wolf has mastered the skill known as "aether editing," which can be used to tamper with the data of reality.

How old is pela Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Pela is the Intelligence Officer of the Silvermane Guards in Honkai: Star Rail. She uses the Ice element and is on the Nihility path. She's likely between 21 and 23 years old, and she's around 5'3" tall.

Whose banner is after Kokomi? ›

List of all Banners in Genshin Impact
Banner name5-Star character4-Star characters
Drifting LuminescenceKokomiBeidou, Rosaria, Xinqiu
Farewell of SnezhnayaTartaglia (Childe)Chongyun, Ningguang, Yanfei
Moment of BloomHu TaoDiona, Sayu, Thoma
Secretum SecretorumAlbedoBennett, Noelle, Rosaria
68 more rows
6 days ago

What banner was after Xiao? ›

Following Xiao's banner, Geo gang leader Arataki Itto reruns for the first time with Kuki Shinobu.

What banner is Scaramouche? ›

His banner is called From Ashes Reborn and it features Faruzan, an upcoming four-star bow user who also harnesses the power of Anemo.

Does Honkai: Star Rail have limited characters? ›

Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 already comes with a bunch of special character banners to pull from. Just like in Genshin Impact, each update for Star Rail will feature different time-limited character and weapon banners in each half of a version.

Are there limited characters in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The current limited 5-Star character is Seele! She is a really strong single-target focused carry. Seele is one of only two Quantum characters alongside Qingque that are in the game right now. Seele is a huge fan favorite and there are even some loyal players who like and played her ever since Honkai Impact 3rd.

Who is the girl with the robot in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Clara is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is a shy young girl orphaned at an early age, accompanied by an ancient mech named Svarog. Her greatest wish is "to have a family."

Who is the female protagonist in Honkai: Star Rail? ›

The player gets to choose either Stelle (female) or Caelus (male), along with their Receptacle Codename.

What is the gender of pom pom star rail? ›

Pom-Pom is a they/them.

What is the highest rarity in Honkai? ›

In the Honkai Impact 3rd game, the lowest rank will be B-Rank and the highest will be SSS-Rank.

Is Natasha free in Honkai? ›

Natasha may be a free character in Honkai: Star Rail, but she does her job nicely as a healer.

Do you get Natasha for free Honkai: Star Rail? ›

Honkai: Star Rail terms and mechanics, explained

Luckily, you get a good number of characters for free to build with. There are eight characters you can get for free: Asta, Dan Heng, Herta, March 7th, Natasha, Qingque, Serval, and the Trailblazer.


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