Girl I Know I'm Not Perfect But I'm Worth It Lyrics (2023)

get lyrics fromGirl I know I'm not perfect but I'm worth it songDo you love. The list containsGirl I know I'm not perfect but I'm worth it lyricsof old songs and new releases. Know every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

VEDO - Did you understand Lyrics
Girl, I'll let you know you made it Every chance I get, don't hesitate No, I'm not perfect, but I promise I'm worth it Girl, you know it's worth it Stop playing around, it's time to command Fix your credit girl, get your bag, hit the gym and come back good, go get that title, go girl, focus on me, unlock potential you didn't know...

Chris Miles - Not Perfect lyrics and song translation.
Girl I know I'm not perfect, I'll never change, yeah I just checked it's 6:30 in the hills and I don't have perfect service Tell them meet at the crib, she said "Oops, it's too soon." But I still haven't fallen asleep, girls know I'm not perfect

Pink Sweats - At My Worst Lyrics
I know I'm not perfect but I hope you see what I'm worth 'Cause it's just you, nobody new, I put you first And for you girl I swear I'd do my worst Ooh, ooh- ooh Ooh-ooh -ooh, ooh-ooh -ooh-ooh I need someone who can love me at my worst I know I'm not perfect but I hope you see my worth 'Cause it's just you, nobody new I put you first

Juice WRLD - Moonlight Lyrics
Girl you know I'm far from perfect But I'm really worth it She says I'm beautiful I'm prettier in person I'm driving her crazy, you know I'm really deviating I'm cutting too deep, I feel like a surgeon [Chorus] Girl you know I'm far from perfect, I won't lead you on But tonight feels perfect, this is your favorite song I know this mood.. .

(Video) Earned It - The Weeknd (Lyrics) 🎵

You knew I'd come back And that whether you want me here or not I know I gave you all my love Even though you don't call me everyday I'm not perfect And we both know that nobody is But girl I'm worth it I should know for sure the first time when I grabbed your hips

Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst Lyrics
I'll be right here baby you know it's sink or swim Oh oh oh no don't worry I'll be there when you want me I need someone who can love me at my worst No I'm not perfect but I hope May you see what I'm worth 'Cause it's just you, nobody new, I put you first And for you girl I swear I'd do my worst Ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh... .

Sydney Renae - Beautiful Lyrics
Tell me everything you feel I promise I'm not that girl I know your heart is breaking I'm not perfect but I can show you that I'm worth it I know I can love you in all the ways you deserve and show what you deserve. love is like when it really works. I know men hurt too, but I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to nurture you.

Lil Peep - Star Shopping lyrics and song translation.
I know I'm not that important to you But to me girl you're so much more than beautiful So much more than perfect (yeah) Now I know I'm really not worth it If you give me some time I could work on it Give it to me a while while I work on it You lose your temper and girl I don't blame you Earth is turning, you're waiting for me

The Weeknd - He Earned It Letra
'Cause girl you're perfect You're always worth it And you deserve it The way you work 'Cause girl you deserve it Shit Girl you deserve it Yeah You know our love would be tragic yeah So you don't pay, you don't You pay It doesn't matter , matter, matter We live without lies Hey, hey You're my favorite kind of night So I love it when you call unexpectedly

Lil Cuete - I'm Not Afraid Lyrics
Girl I know I put you through this They don't want to see you with me to be with you I love your long hair and pretty eyes And you're the perfect size The type of girl other guys would want You by my side, me I will never be alone,

Anna Clendening - Crazy 4 U lyrics and song translation.
I know I'm not perfect Guess it wasn't worth it This bridge like a match Yeah I burned It was something I said It was all in my head That's what crazy girls do And I'm crazy 4 U I'm crazy 4 U I'm crazy 4 U I'm crazy 4 U Oh no no Boys drive girls crazy Crazy girls drive boys away

(Video) Ali Gatie - Perfect (Lyrics) Baby, I know we're not perfect

Before Departing - Settle For Less lyrics
Girl I can't stand Seeing you panic about him. Look, he's a nobody. I can be anyone. Someone to love until the end. 'Cause everybody deserves somebody, but girl, nobody can love like me. And I'm not perfect, but you're so worth it. I want to change the world for you So baby, don't settle for less. You deserve the best You are better than the rest

Childish Gambino - 3005 lyrics and song translation.
Make me jump, like I don't know, like I won't be here for long. Now the emotion is over, I have no patience, because I am not a doctor. Girl why you lying, why Mufasa? my house, his house, I took him out like Gaza It's so high in the volcanoes now the flow is so lava Yeah, we spit that spit iPhone got a viber message

J. Cole - lyrics and translation of Lost Ones of the song.
I'm kind of lost, see... And I'm not with those guys who hit girls and skate... And I'm not very proud to tell you that sometimes I cry, sometimes I cry because of this And girl I know that It hurts, but if this world was perfect, we could make it work, but I doubt it, and I'm not very proud to say that sometimes I cry.

Drake - Company of Letters
Yeah, she works the trowel, I know she loves shit Everything, on me I don't deserve She's a little too perfect She's worth a little too much I don't deserve her at all, no, at all, I just give it to her her I text I never call I'm still a canine at heart I'm a dog [Hook: Drake] Yeah that's why you gotta come quick, quick

I'm falling apart I'm crawling, I can't reach this I know you're worth it I'm sorry I'm not perfect I'm nowhere near perfect but girl I'm still the best. I know you're worth it. Your worth is more than my music controls. Subtle. I hope you're forgetting about your stupid ex...

The Weeknd - Die For You letra
Cause I'm the one for you baby I think I'm the one for you baby you know what I'm thinking you see it in your eyes you hate wanting me I hate it when you cry it doesn't work 'cause you're perfect And I know you're worth it I can't walk away, oh! Even though we're going through this and it leaves you alone, I just know that I would die for you.

Wretch 32 - Take Me As I Am Lyrics
Take me as I am, I know I'm not perfect I'll never turn my back on you, I'll show you I'm worth it Take me as I am, my girl Take me as I am, oh Take me as I am, and I'll get there Give me a chance, I'll treat you like a treasure Take me as I am, oh girl, oh girl Take me as I am, oh girl And I'll always love you I always will Loving you Take me like...

(Video) Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst (Lyrics)

Chrishan - Make U My Girl lyrics and song translation.
I'm just tryna make it official Be my girl, my girl, my girl, my girl, my girl, my girl, my girl I'm just tryna make you my girl! Where are you (yeah), where are you (yeah) When you and me (yeah) none of that (yeah) Spend the night with me and we'll see I satisfy you...

Floetry - Let me in Lyrics
It's kind of funny that you hear it but never show it, the kind of openings I hope to weave our souls together. It's kind of silly of you to actually want to warn me. The kind of feelings you're dealing with are trying to deal with. I'm not perfect, you're not perfect, it's not worth it, you should know, I mean well, but I got...

I know I'm not the only one But I can't imagine anything else I see it every time I fall asleep My body aches My head aches My stomach churns My heart races with ambition I feel it burning I want it bad I have a plan it's a little hard to say is all i need i want more life in my drake shit getting tired of the same shit

Letra J. Cole - Wrong Smile
We're not picture perfect, but it's still worth it. I got smart, I got rich, and I still got bitches. And they all look like my eyebrows: thick as hell. Love yourself girl or nobody will. I don't know how you handle all the pressure to look stunning and go out in heels; I feel for you

Moons - Perfect Lyrics
Girl you're perfect From the way you laugh To the way you act when you're angry So perfect When I see you dance Turn my world round and round Whoo-ooh I know you're worth it Whoo-ooh 'Cause girl you it's perfect Amazing being with you kissing It's not what you expect From someone so perfect (Someone so perfect) Yes, you are perfect From...

Click Download to save Tatiana Manaois - Home To Mama mp3 youtube com
You're so much more than you're worth (More than you're worth) And I don't feel like I'm worth it (Baby you're worth it) You've got the pieces You're my kind of perfection You're my kind from perfect [Justin Bieber:] I don't work hard when it's easy I try when it's hard Girl I never believed in love until I had yours This is more than one season And I'm not...

Jimmie Allen - Best Shot lyrics and song translation.
I'm not the man I was before you. Because when I smile I see the sun go down on the California coast. And without a doubt, thanks to you, I am better than before you. I'm not saying I'm perfect, oh God knows I'm not. But I love you, with everything I have. Girl I'll give you my best shot. I'll give you, I'll give you my best chance...

(Video) Ali Gatie - Perfect (Official Lyric Video)

YFN Lucci - Perfect lyrics and translation of the song.
Baby what you know about it... (say hunh) Yeah [Hook:] Diamond in the rough, she tough I can't get enough, I swear I'm fuckin' with her I'm in love, glad I went to the club (I did) I swear you show me what's perfect I swear you're the only one worth a child It's something about her (I'm glad I found her)

Drake - Company of Letters
It's kinda lit now, you're here now Grab some percs, let's get in now Saturday night, in my bed now Call your girl and put your heels on It's getting rowdy, rowdy now, yeah I'm on a trip to Mo town, I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm in heat, love, heat, love, I'm a dog, I'm a ham, I'm a pig.

Rico Love - Perfect lyrics and translation of the song.
A little love that will last a lifetime... Hoping your love is true love As it seems on the surface I hope it's perfect 'Cause if not, it's not worth it Remember what strawberries are your favorite? And do you know you can? I won't sleep... But mostly girl Does he know I'm always here? I just hope he hugs you and...

Alicia Keys - Brand New Me Lyrics
I found something new for free Ooh, it took a long, long way to get here It took a brave, brave girl to try I took a lot of excuses, a lot of lies Don't be surprised, oh, she said, you look surprised Hey, if you were a friend Would you like to meet me again If you were worth it You would be happy to see me smile I don't expect I'm sorry

ONE OK ROCK - Start Again Letra
I'm not always perfect But I'm always myself If you don't think I'm worth it Find someone else I won't say I'm sorry For who I am Is the end a chance to start over? Do you know what the definition of No need to decide Create a day when these overflowing emotions can be called happy I'm not always perfect But I'm always myself If...

David Archuleta - My Kind Of Perfect Lyrics
I know she has to be... Maybe I'm wrong Maybe I'm right Maybe I just let you go... It'll be worth it 'Cause that's what love is I'll keep looking for my kind of perfection. I know, I know, she must be out there, out there, I know, I know, she must be...

Christina Milian - I'm not perfect lyrics and translation.
I'm not perfect, I understand and I won't change for you. I had to lose myself for you too. You see this girl is really pretty. It's too late to apologize. Let me tell you, I won't regret it because a girl like me was as good as it gets. Tell your mother I won't be back...

(Video) Lil Peep - Star Shopping (Lyrics)

In Stereo - Perfect 10 lyrics and translation.
Girl I can promise I'll always be honest Kinda hoping that's enough Say you're with me We'll be alright I'm not an angel but girl I'll try You're the one that makes my heart skip twice long My perfect 10 girl my perfect 10 My perfect 10 I'm in love with my head I love the adrenaline I feel every time you walk in

Letra de Black Stone Cherry - New Kinda Feelin'
'Cause girl you're worth it The way you run the river... you know I'll tell you I got a new kind of feeling (if you want it, you can't have it)... (you keep it alright) Oh! I've got a new kind of feeling It's a perfect part of healing I said I don't need a reason For my new kind of feeling I've got a new kind of feeling (If you want it, you can't...

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