New connections for 2021 (2023)

We start with the start of the 2021-22 deer season. However, if you're looking for a new bow, there's still time!

Bow technology and design continues to improve with each passing year, offering some of the best shooting machines in the world. You'll see if you take a quick look at the arches below.

In no particular order, here we're going to take a look at the best new bows for 2021.

Mathews V3 27

New connections for 2021 (1)

Speed:336 fps
Axle to axle:27″
Mass weight:4.29 pounds
stand height:6″
Drawing length:25″-29 1/2″
draw weight:60,65,70,75 pounds
indulgence:80 or 85%
RRP:1.199 $

Mathews continues his V series of hunting bows for 2021. It is the series that started with the Vertix in 2019 and continued with the VXR in 2020. The V3 is the 3rd generation building on these platforms with some new features and design improvements for 2021 The V3 is available in 27 and 31 options.

The most notable physical changes to the V3 include new limb cups, new limbs with a more aggressive limb angle, and a redesigned riser. The V3's limb shells offer the same stability as before, in a more compact design that helps save weight.

With the new limb design comes a new limb with a more aggressive angle and slightly more curvature, as evidenced by the curved limb design at rest. This new design allowed Mathews to increase the length of the bow riser while keeping the wheel-to-wheel length similar to previous offerings. Increasing the length of the riser provides a more stable and accurate platform for shooting.

more elite

New connections for 2021 (2)

Speed:340 fps
Axle to axle:33″
Mass weight:4.55 pounds
stand height:6″
Drawing length:23″-30″
draw weight:40, 50, 60, 65, 70 pounds
indulgence:70% - 90%
RRP:1.099 $

For 2021, Elite have released a sequel to their popular KURE bow with the introduction of their new Elite EnKore. It has the same great features that shooters love about KURE, with the addition of a redesigned mod system to satisfy every shooter's need for speed. It has an even longer axle-to-axle length of 33 inches, and the company says the bow is built to deliver more performance than anything else in its class.

The EnKore features a newly developed Versa Performance Mod system that provides 90% drainage and generates increased speed. The EnKore offers the best of both worlds, providing the comfort and shooting capability the Elite is known for, but with added performance.

The Performance mod comes standard with EnKore, but other mod systems are available including the Standard Versa Mod and the 75% Versa Mod.

Other features we've seen on Elite in the past are included in this arc, including the popular S.E.T. Technology that makes the tuning process easier than ever, just like the ASYM Tri-Track Cam system.

First Nexus

New connections for 2021 (3)

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Speed:341 fps
Axle to axle:32″
Mass weight:4.2 pounds
stand height:6″
Drawing length:25″-30″
draw weight:40,50,60,65,70,80
RRP:999 $ – 1.299 $

Prime bows are known as some of the most balanced bows in the world, but their desire for 2021 was to make a good thing even better and deliver an even more comfortable shooting experience in their latest series of bows.

The new Prime Nexus series has 50% less vibration and is now faster and more comfortable than ever.

Nexus is available in 3 different sizes, Nexus 2 (32″ ATA), Nexus 4 (34″ ATA) and Nexus 6 (36″ ATA).

The bow also features a factory R2 Roto Cam let-off set to 80% with full let-off adjustment and the ability to fire the bow at higher or lower hold weights.

Adjustment and setup is even easier with an easy-adjust shim system that allows 0.030" left or right cam adjustment inside the limbs for quick and easy setup and adjustment.

Hoyt RX-5 30

New connections for 2021 (4)

Speed:342 fps
Axle to axle:30″
Mass weight:4.4 pounds
stand height:6 1/4″
Drawing length:25″-28″ / 28,5″-30″
draw weight:30-80 pounds
indulgence:80% or 85%
RRP:1.699 $

It seems that every bow company, when they release a new main bow, they offer it in 2 different shaft lengths. The new Hoyt RX-5 is no different in this regard. If you look at the RX-5, you can get the 30-inch axle-to-axle bow or the RX-5 Ultra with the 34-inch axle-to-axle.

The RX-5 features a new, redesigned cam system specifically designed for unrivaled performance. The HBX is available in a cam size that can cover the entire extraction range using 2 different module sizes. And it can also be deflated from 80% to 85% in seconds by simply adjusting a screw with an Allen key.

Another big change in the 2021 lineup is the option to use an in-line Picatinny rail mount for your sight. These bows still have the normal holes for mounting your scope on the side, but the new in-line mount provides better bow balance.

Mounting your scope in line with the riser gives you the proven reliability of a picatinny rail and better balance because the weight of your scope is forward, not to the side.

Hoytwind 30

New connections for 2021 (5)

Speed:342 fps
Axle to axle:30″
Mass weight:4.6 pounds
stand height:6 1/8″
Drawing length:25″-28″ / 28,5″-30″
draw weight:30 – 80 pounds
indulgence:80% - 85%
RRP:1.199 $

Arch construction and layout aside, both the Ventum and RX-5 share many of the same design and technology traits, just packaged in different sizes. Ventum can be found on the Ventum 30 and Ventum 33 (33″ ATA).

Like the RX-5, the Ventum shares features such as the inline Picatinny sight mount, HBX camera, integrated arrow rest mount, SL sidebar attachment, and one of the most notable, the inline Short Stope Stabilizer.

By moving the gimbal position lower on the bow, Hoyt lowered the center of gravity of these new bows and increased gimbal effectiveness. Even better, with the attachment point further forward, a 2" gimbal in that location has the same reach as a 6" gimbal in the typical location, providing better stabilization than a shorter, lighter gimbal.

bowtech solution

New connections for 2021 (6)

Speed:346 fps
Axle to axle:32″
Mass weight:4.3 pounds
stand height:6″
Drawing length:25″-30″
draw weight:50, 60, 70 pounds
RRP:1.199 $

Bowtech designed the solution as a 346 FPS bow with silky smooth traction that demonstrates the company's uncompromising commitment to comfort.

What drives the speed built into this arc?

The team at Bowtech strategically designed Solution's DeadLock cameras to provide a significant increase in speed over what we've seen in previous Bow models while maintaining a super smooth drive cycle.

The arch is built on a 32-inch axle-to-axle platform that is suitable for tree stands, ground blinding or spot-n-stalk in the field.

You'll find some of Bowtech's best technologies adopted and incorporated into the solution, including the Deadlock Cam system.

According to Bowtech, the standoff cam is not only the fastest and easiest way to achieve perfect arrow flight, but also the safest way to maintain an arrow all season long.

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New connections for 2021 (7)

Speed:345 fps
Axle to axle:32″
Mass weight:4.5 pounds
stand height:6 1/4″
Drawing length:25″-30 1/2″
draw weight:50,60,65,70,80 pounds
RRP:1.100 $

The new EVO EVL is what PSE calls the most stable, foolproof, adjustable hunting bow they have ever created. The bow was designed alongside the popular Evolve Cam, which now features a Precision Buss Tuning System with PSE's widest limb support to date, a system that allows the 2021 EVO EVL to be custom tuned for unrivaled accuracy. .

The bow also features multiple aiming points to allow you to customize your setup, as well as the new QAD Integrate arrow rest mount, which has become popular with a number of bowmakers in recent years. The bow also includes PSE's quick-disconnect barrel mounts, giving you more accessory mounting options than ever before.

Xpedition X30

New connections for 2021 (8)

Speed:350 fps
Axle to axle:30″
Mass weight:3.6 pounds
stand height:6,25″
Drawing length:25,5″-30″
draw weight:50, 60, 65, 70 pounds
RRP:$ 1399

The Xpedition team has been working on Series X bows for the last couple of years and has incorporated some nifty new features to take their bow lineup to the next level.

First, a proprietary material known as X-LoybyMagnite - a blend of carbon-enriched alloys to create a bow that is lighter than many carbon bows on the market and stronger than aluminum. This material is forged and CNC machined to create the best of all worlds - light, strong and aerodynamic.

The company's LVR camera was designed to be more efficient than anything produced before it. The company says the design allows archers to harness kinetic energy and momentum to unprecedented levels.

This latest offering from Xpedition shows that good things can still come in a light and compact package.

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Gearhead Disruptor Pro 24

New connections for 2021 (9)

Speed:330 fps
Axle to axle:24,6″
Mass weight:4.2 pounds
stand height:6,5″
Drawing length:26″-30″
draw weight:50-75 pounds
RRP:$ 824
Mfg-Website:reducing arc

Gearhead Archery is the maker of what is arguably the most unique composite bow on the market. But it's also the most compact bow on the market. But don't think its small size means it can't be outdone, and it also offers impressive accuracy in the lower range.

Maneuverability is the selling point of these bows. From backpacking to slipping and sneaking on a spot-n-stalk mission, bows certainly have their niche.

The Disruptor Pro 24 is a compact option to consider if you're looking to optimize the load you're carrying in the field in 2021.

Wing PSE no boarding

New connections for 2021 (10)

Speed:327 fps
Axle to axle:31″
Mass weight:4.3 pounds
stand height:7″
Drawing length:23 1/2″-30 1/2″
draw weight:60, 70 pounds
RRP:$ 799

If you, a friend or family member are getting ready to get into the sport of archery or bow hunting, consider the new PSE Nock On Embark composite bow. Inspired by John Dudley, the Bow offers the perfect blend of performance and value.

Dudley knows the ins and outs of archery like few people in the world. And that's why you can hunt with confidence when you have a bow named Nock On. Dudley's design input paved the way for this reasonably priced heavy hitter bow that is perfect for a wide range of shooters, young and old.

The Embark is compact in size with its 31-inch frame, but it's super forgiving with a 7-inch height. And with 327 fps you have the speed you need.

EKO Redemption Bear

New connections for 2021 (11)

Speed:342 fps
Axle to axle:31″
Mass weight:4.1 pounds
stand height:6,25″
Drawing length:26″-30″
draw weight:45-60 / 55-70 pounds
indulgence:75%, 80%, 85%, 90%
RRP:$ 999
Mfg-Website:bear archery

The arches Bear Archery builds today leave no doubt that the company is back and better than ever. Its new flagship bow - the Redemption EKO - is a testament to the company's desire to build a bow that hits the sweet spot of maneuverability and deadly accuracy.

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The arch works well for tree support, blinds, or whatever spot-n-stalk venture you're in. Bear's new Vibration Reduction System (VRS) helps stabilize and reduce sustained riser vibration by up to 25% of the motion of shooting an arrow, allowing for a smooth, stable shot. The bow is powered by Bear's EKO Cam System for better fit and plenty of downrange performance at speeds up to 342 feet per second.

One nice addition you'll find built into Redemption EKO is the Align Lok level. It is positioned on the riser and works in conjunction with each bow sight to help align the second and third axis planes.

Darton Spectra-e

New connections for 2021 (12)

Speed:330-335 fps
Axle to axle:32 3/4"
Mass weight:4.2 pounds
stand height:6″
Drawing length:25″-31″
draw weight:40-70 pounds
RRP:$ 1.019
Mfg-Website:darton archery

The new equalizer cable system introduced with the Spectra-e is the closest thing to a fully balanced recording system, only close to Darton Vegas. Adjustable draw module, positive limb stops and a choice of draw stop tabs give the shooter complete control over the length of the draw.

The split yoke system, anchored on shafts outside the limbs, fully balances/stabilizes the limbs and reduces stress on the cam bearings. Combine all of this with the very successful riser and limb design used in the Maverick II and you have an arc worthy of your attention.

Mathews Prima

New connections for 2021 (13)

Speed:321 fps
Axle to axle:30″
Mass weight:3.93 pounds
stand height:5 1/2″
Drawing length:21,5″-27,5″
draw weight:40, 50, 60 pounds
RRP:$ 1.099

Mathews has taken some impressive bows to women over the years, but it's been a few years since his last offering. For 2021 they introduced the new Prima. It's light, compact and has a lot of built-in power.

At just 3.93 pounds, with a 30" axle-to-axle and 5 1/2" strap height, the Prima is designed to give women a comfortable shooting experience without compromising on performance. The crosscentric cam produces smooth traction and consistent precision while delivering massive downrange power and speeds up to 321 feet per second in a 27.5" pull.

Mathews' new patent-pending CenterGuard cable containment system that we saw in the new V3 is also built into the Prima. It optimizes cam timing while creating additional play in the vanes. It also includes the new Nano 740 to reduce post-shot vibration and noise. It's a cute little shooter that every woman will love.

Bowtech Eva Shockey Gen 2

New connections for 2021 (14)

Speed:323 fps
Axle to axle:30″
Mass weight:3.9 pounds
stand height:7″
Drawing length:23,5″-28,5″
draw weight:40, 50, 60 pounds
RRP:$ 1.099
Mfg-Website:bowtech archery

Another great composite bow option for women is Bowtech's 2nd generation Eva Shockey bow. The bow was designed to be smooth, strong and deadly accurate. At 3.9 pounds, it's a lightweight bow that packs all the punch women need when they hit the woods this fall.

The Gen 2 features Bowtech's most reliable camera system, offering plenty of comfort, speed and performance.

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