What is a marathon? Bungie's Destiny 2 follow-up explained | digital trends (2023)

This week's PlayStation Showcase is full of surprisesSquare Enix von Foamstarsto a completeMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater RemasteredBut what was most shocking was the Bungie logo flashing on the screen. The developers focused on thatdeterminationSeries for the last decade, so any new announcements would be big news. For a moment, this sci-fi trailer looks like a trailerdestiny 3The truth is even more surprising when we look at the game's title:Marathon.


  • What is a marathon?
  • So what is the new marathon?
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Depending on your age, your reaction to this revelation may be very different. For young players who only know Bungie as the studio behind itglorioleAnddetermination, it might look like a new IP. But for those who grew up PC gamers in the '90s, it's an important triumphant return to first-person shooter history. but thatnew version ofMarathonSeems to be a completely different story than the previous ones, so it could also be a whole new series. Here's what you need to know about the new direction of Bungie's classic franchise and its modern revival.

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What is a marathon?

Marathon may not be as well known as SagittariusdemiseorWolfenstein, but it's equally important in its own way to the history of the genre. And Bungie didn't become a household name among gamers until 2001Halo: Combat EvolvedBy then the studio had been developing games, starting with a simple onenext toclone callgrunt!1990. Developers will experiment with classic Mac OS games from the early '90s and challenge themselves with multiplayer games and shooters.

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It will be introduced in 1994 with oneMarathonIn the sci-fi title, players take on the role of a security guard on a spaceship called the UESC Marathon who wants to colonize a new planet. Aliens are attacking the ship and players are assigned an AI named Leela to help them navigate a maze of corridors. For a game of its time, it was a surprisingly narrative experience, with the story told through notes scattered around the ship. Coincidentally, it will be launched in the same yearsystem shock, a very similar shooter that would pioneer the genre.

What is a marathon? Bungie's Destiny 2 follow-up explained | digital trends (1)

Its gameplay was typical of shooters of the time and the design took a lot of inspiration from thatdemiseThe more unique novelty of the series, however, is the multiplayer mode.MarathonFeatures a fairly standard Deathmatch mode but brings something new in the form of a map. While other shooters at the time tended to only build combat in stages from the single-player campaign, Bungie created smaller maps specifically designed for multiplayer. That would give the game a buzz and set the stage for Bungie to become the leader in multiplayer shooters.

A year later there is a sequel:Marathon 2: DurandalThe core single player mode will expand on its predecessor, offering a deeper story and new locations, but the biggest innovation will come in multiplayer. There would be six different modes, which was more challenging than most shooters of the time. These modes include campaign co-op, King of the Hill, Tag, and Kill Man with the Ball.Marathon unlimited, the third and final game in the trilogy, will feature all of this a year later, along with a level editor tool called Forge.

What if it was you?Familiar with the aura, maybe you understand whyMarathonAt this point it is important. In many ways, it laid the foundation for everything Bungie has achieved with the Halo series. The narrative about an AI-controlled hero fighting an alien war has a lot in common with the Master Chief story and all the multiplayer features are thereMarathonwill be a prerequisite for transformationgloriolelead to turmoil. you didn't get itglorioleNOMarathon, which means you can't get the first-person shooters of the past two decades without themMarathonWithout them, the genre would not exist in its current form.

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So what is the new marathon?

Behind all of this history are returneesMarathonOn paper, franchising is a lot of money. This could indicate that Bungie is ready to shake up the shooter genre again. However, the forthcoming revival might not look like the older games, making it a bit odd.

Marathon is a multiplayer PVP extraction game. While we haven't seen any gameplay yet, Bungie has detailed the itemsix minute videoExplain how it relates to the series. Multiple teams of three players controlling cybernetic mercenaries called Runners are dropped on the planet Tau Ceti IV, a central location in the original game. The goal is to find artifacts and weapons on enemy planets that can be carried over to future runs in some way. The goal is to collect as many artifacts as possible and safely extract them in order to win a round - although teams can kill each other and try to steal their loot.

While there doesn't appear to be a single-player campaign, Bungie emphasizes that the narrative is an important part of the game. However, it's unclear whether the term is being used to describe the written story or the gameplay narrative, which comes in unpredictable turns. The developer mentioned that there will be seasons, a formatDestiny 2 currently uses, and the story will somehow unfold during that time. The only vague example of this is the idea of ​​a player placing an alien key on an altar, opening up a new area for all other players.

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There also seems to be an emphasis on fashion. Noting that players will have opportunities to express themselves visually, Bungie describes the runners as "stylish." We might expect a method likedeterminationThis is where players can equip and customize equipment.

What is a marathon? Bungie's Destiny 2 follow-up explained | digital trends (2)

Beyond that, there are few details. Bungie is still working on getting the game into alpha and will not reveal any further details or gameplay. It sounds like we won't be seeing it again at all until its imminent release. What we do know, however, is that it's coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and will support full cross-play and cross-save. Considering that this is the first game released by the developer, this detail is surprisingPurchased from Sony.

Although the new versionMarathonWhile it differs from its predecessor, it does seem to have a spiritual connection in some important ways. Environments and worlds are shared, but the connection is more philosophical in nature. Bungie hopes to continue the short but important history of the franchise's multiplayer innovation. Given the company's outstanding track record, we have every reason to be excitedMarathonHad to provide.

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What is Marathon game? ›

Does Bungie own Halo? ›

Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2000, and its project Halo: Combat Evolved was repurposed as a launch title for Microsoft's Xbox console. Halo became the Xbox's "killer app", selling millions of copies and spawning the Halo franchise.

Why won t destiny 2 launch steam? ›

Corrupted game files: If the game components, game files, and installation files become corrupted, Destiny 2 Lightfall will not launch on your PC. Graphics driver: Sometimes, the problematic or outdated graphics driver can be the reason you are not being able to run this game on Windows 11 or 10.

What is marathon Destiny 2? ›

Marathon is a multiplayer PVP extraction game. While we've yet to see gameplay, Bungie went into detail about the project in a six-minute video explaining how it connects to the series.

What is the plot of Bungie marathon? ›

The game takes place several centuries into the future in outer space and sets the player as a security officer attempting to stop an alien invasion aboard a colony ship named the Marathon.

Will there be a Destiny 3? ›

However, despite Destiny 2's next expansion likely being it's last, Bungie has reiterated in the past that the studio has no plans to create a Destiny 3. Back in early 2021, design director Jacob Benton went on record to state that Bungie has no plans to create a Destiny 3.

Why did Bungie abandon Halo? ›

Bungie stepped away from Halo and its publisher, Microsoft, in 2007, in order to push forward in the industry rather than be tied to a franchise that had found success at the start of the century, according to community manager David "DeeJ" Dague.

How much did Halo sell for? ›

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a deal to acquire Bungie, the developer behind game franchises including “Halo” and “Destiny,” for $3.6 billion.

Can Destiny 2 run on a laptop? ›

Important Note: While we will do our best to make sure Destiny 2 is available on the widest variety of PC hardware, we do not officially support Destiny 2 PC on laptop configurations. Laptops with specifications that match or exceed our Minimum System Requirements may be able to play Destiny 2 PC.

Is Destiny 2 no longer on Blizzard? ›

As of October 1, 2019, Destiny 2 on PC is available through Steam and is no longer accessible through Battle.net. As of December 1, 2020, migration from Battle.net to Steam is no longer available.

What is the most chosen race in Destiny 2? ›

human seems to be the most popular, with exo next and awoken right behind. The difference in numbers was almost negligible, however, as it was a near 3 way tie. only about a dozen or so votes difference.

What does RR stand for in Destiny 2? ›

January 19, 2023 10:37. If you're taking down targets in tiers Iron through Ascendant, Rank Rating (RR) represents a visual way to track your progress.

What does GG mean in Destiny 2? ›

GG is an acronym that means "good game," and is usually said at the end of online multiplayer games.

Will Bungie remake Marathon? ›

After nearly 30 years, Marathon is returning. Bungie, the studio behind Destiny 2 and the original Halo games, has announced it will be reviving one of its oldest series, Marathon.

Is Destiny 2 ending? ›

In fact, the developer has confirmed that Destiny 2 will continue – likely removing the need for a third mainline game. Now that we've had our first official look at the game, here's everything we know about Destiny 2: The Final Shape so far. Bungie Destiny 2 will continue after The Final Shape, but in what form?

Is Marathon a Doom clone? ›

Marathon is a first-person shooter developed for the Apple Macintosh by Bungie. It was released on December 21, 1994. It's often called a Doom clone.

What year will Destiny 2 end? ›

However, with The Final Shape being described as the last expansion in The Light and Darkness Saga, the expansion should conclude the story that has been building over the decade between the launch of Destiny in 2014 and the release of Destiny 2 The Final Shape in 2024.

Is there going to be a Cayde 7? ›

There will be no Cayde-7, even if Cayde is somehow brought back. > Destiny 2 - Lore | Forums | Bungie.net.

What is the best class in Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2: Which Subclasses Are Best For You?
  1. 1 Titan: Berserker. ...
  2. 2 Titan: Sentinel. ...
  3. 3 Titan: Striker. ...
  4. 4 Titan: Sunbreaker. ...
  5. 5 Titan: Behemoth. ...
  6. 6 Hunter: Threadrunner. ...
  7. 7 Hunter: Gunslinger. ...
  8. 8 Hunter: Revenant.
Apr 16, 2023

Why does Bungie like the number 7? ›

Bungie's obsession with the number seven may be attributed to 7 being considered a lucky number in Western culture. In spite of the fact that the number seven is featured extensively in Bungie's work, it has generated an aura of apophenia. This cultural nuance can be compared to the 23 enigma.

Who took over Halo after Bungie? ›

Following Bungie's completion of their last Halo title, Halo: Reach, 343 Industries was eventually given complete control of the Halo franchise including servers and data on March 31, 2012. The studio's development of Halo 4, which began in 2009, was completed in September.

Does Bungie still make money off Halo? ›

Nope. Although Bungie created the Halo franchise and made the first handful of games, rights to the franchise still belong to Microsoft. Bungie began work on the original Halo in 1997, but Microsoft purchased the studio while the game was still in development, acquiring the IP in the process.

Why is it called Halo? ›

What became Halo: Combat Evolved started as a real-time strategy game for the Mac, originally code-named Monkey Nuts and Blam!, and took place on a hollowed-out world called Solipsis. The planet eventually became a ringworld called "Halo", which became the game's title.

What was the most bought Halo game? ›

The best-selling game on the Xbox is Halo 2, first released in the United States on November 9, 2004. It went on to sell over 8.46 million copies worldwide. The first game in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, was a launch title which ultimately became the second best-selling game, selling over 5 million copies.

What was the most profitable Halo game? ›

Halo 3. It was the fastest-selling video game ever and held the record for biggest entertainment launch in history with $170 million in sales within the first 24 hours and $300 million in one week.

Is Steam Deck Legal? ›

Is it legal to use the Steam Deck as a game emulator? Yes, it's legal to use the Steam Deck as an emulator (in the United States, at least). Though often considered legally dubious, nothing specifically prohibits the use of an emulator or even the use of game ROM files.

Are Destiny 2 bans permanent? ›

In Destiny 2, you've been permanently banned by its developers. You can find the status of your in-game bans and a list of products affected by a particular ban in your ban history. For more information about game bans, see Ban from the game developer (game ban).

Are Steam game bans permanent? ›

Regardless of who was using the account at the time the ban was issued, game bans are permanent and are not removed.

What is the best graphics card for Destiny 2? ›

Recommended GPUs for Destiny 2

For max settings at 1080p with 60 FPS, we recommend at least an RX 570. For max settings at 1440p with 60 FPS, we recommend at least an GTX 1660 Super. For max settings at 4K with 60 FPS, we recommend at least an RTX 4070 Ti.

Can I play Destiny 2 without graphics card? ›

You can run Destiny 2 if your system requirements meet this - your GPU needs to be at least Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850. Your PC can meet the recommended requirements for Destiny 2 with a GTX 970 or Radeon R9 390!

Is 8GB of RAM enough for Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2 Recommended System Requirements

RAM: 8 GB RAM. GPU: Video NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB or GTX 1060 6GB / AMD R9 390 8GB Memory 8 GB RAM. Storage Space: 105 GB available space.

Is Destiny 2 getting rid of sunsetting? ›

Players will be able to play from the beginning to the end of Destiny 2's story without fear of any of it being removed in the future. In addition to launching on Epic Games, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 is no longer sunsetting expansion content.

Is Destiny getting rid of Forsaken? ›

As of 22nd February, 2022, Forsaken's campaign, the Tangled Shore destination and the bulk of Year 4's seasonal content - including the fan-favourite Presage and Harbinger missions - will be removed from the game.

What has Destiny 2 removed? ›

While Bungie will no longer be retiring expansion pack content, any seasonal elements will be leaving the game. The most noticeable content leaving relates to seasonal campaigns, vendors in the H.E.L.M., seasonal activities, and various quests.

Is marathon a prequel to Halo? ›

The three games in the series — Marathon (1994), Marathon 2: Durandal (1995), and Marathon Infinity (1996) — are widely regarded as spiritual predecessors of Bungie's Halo series.

How long is marathon game? ›

Main Story107h 36m
Main + Extras28h 47m
Completionist57h 12m
All PlayStyles177h 38m

How do you play marathon drinking game? ›

Take two drinks when…

A party guest asks how long a marathon is. A runner mentions not being able to stay out too late because of tomorrow's run. Runners refer to receiving the watch or tracker they wanted. A guest asks how many marathons you've run.

What is the connection between Marathon and Halo? ›

Despite these modern gameplay mechanics, the announcement of Marathon is a throwback to an earlier era of Bungie. The Marathon games were originally Mac exclusives, and Bungie's following IP, Halo, was planned to be as well until Microsoft acquired Bungie and made the game a first-party franchise.

Is Halo and Marathon in the same universe? ›

Halo and Marathon

Halo: Combat Evolved shares many features with Marathon, though Bungie has confirmed that it is set in a different universe.

Will Bungie make another Marathon game? ›

Bungie has specifically said that from here, they will be going dark about Marathon until it's much closer to release, and there will be alphas, betas and such for the game before launch. Again, no timetable, though I'd expect more in early/mid 2024, if I had to guess.

Who is the protagonist in the marathon game? ›

Cyborg. The main protagonist from Bungie's Marathon series. The otherwise nameless Cyborg is a soldier from the battleroid project from the 21st century and was put aboard the colony ship Marathon when it was launched.

How many turns is marathon? ›

Marathon (33% speed - 1500 turns)

How do people drink while running? ›

Waist belts come equipped with holsters to carry bottles. Some are located on the lower back to carry a single, larger bottle, while others hold multiple smaller bottles (often the same ones used in handheld hydration setups) around the waist.

How do you play slap cup? ›

To Play Slap Cup You Will Need

The objective of the game is to bounce the ball into your cup before the person to your left does. What is this? If the person to your left makes their cup before you, they can slap away your cup. If your cup is slapped, the slapper passes their ball and cup to the person on your right.

How do you win in marathon? ›

Top 12 Marathon Race Tips
  1. Don't overdress for your race. ...
  2. Think while you run. ...
  3. Manageable race chunks. ...
  4. Keep your head up while running. ...
  5. Follow the shortest course. ...
  6. Get some race support. ...
  7. Resist the urge for a toilet break. ...
  8. Do a body scan during the race.

How do you breathe when you run? ›

The best way to breathe while running is to inhale and exhale using both your nose and mouth combined. Breathing through both the mouth and the nose will keep your breathing steady and engage your diaphragm for maximum oxygen intake.

What not to do before a marathon? ›

5 Worst Things To Do Before A Marathon
  1. Over or under hydrate. As you know, drinking enough water before a race is very important for your performance and health. ...
  2. Make changes to your routine. ...
  3. Eat too much fibre. ...
  4. Get overexcited. ...
  5. Just show up.


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